MLB: Use Melky Cabrera Fiasco To Restore Aaron & Maris


“Out of all the records in the major sports, the home run stat takes the cake.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – It started with Marion Jones being stripped of her Olympic medals; it continued with Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour de France titles being taken back by the International Cycling Union and continues now with Major League Baseball level. Cheat

San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera, who led the Major Leagues with a .346 batting average,  decided to forfeit the batting title and MLB happily accepted his offer. The league omitted Cabrera’s name from the National League batting leaders – as if it never happened. It’s like Melky never existed, until you look further down the statistics. Check out Triples. Melky is still listed in the #6 slot with 10 triples. The leader, coincidentally, is his ex-teammate Angel Pagan, with 15 three baggers.

Why is Cabrera recognized for his 10 triples but the invisible in the batting average department, which belongs to another ex-teammate in Buster Posey at .336??? Was it because due to a thorough investigation conducted by a Ken Star-led committee? No. It was because Melky said so. MLB then instantly embraced his wishes before he changed his mind. Did we mention that Cabrera was serving a 50-game suspension imposed by MLB after he tested positive for high levels of testosterone? And isn’t that the same testosterone that home run leader Barry Bonds and one time single season home run leader Mark McGuire eventually admitted to using? The answer to both is yes.

With Jones and Armstrong being stripped of their rewards because of performance enhancing drugs and MLB’s acceptance of Cabrera refusing to wear the batting crown, the time is now for MLB to right what is wrong. It’s time for Commissioner Bud Selig to bring the integrity back to the game. Out of all the records in the major sports, the home run stat takes the cake. Most points in basketball, most touchdowns in football, and most goals in hockey are second next to the “Home Run King.”

For years Babe Ruth held the title at 714, a number that rolled off everyone’s tongue. In 1974, Hank Aaron’s 715th blast was on national television and the drama leading up to that historic home run was followed by the nation. Enter Barry Bonds, who thirty years later hit 756 to surpass Aaron’s lifetime mark and be crowned the new “Home Run King.” Unlike Aaron’s record breaker, however, there was little fanfare and hardly any interest. Why? Because Barry cheated. Now, Yankee slugger/admitted cheater Alex Rodriguez stands home runs behind Bonds with 6 the countdown to the next “Home Run King” is even less intriguing to everyone. Blame the cheating and the commissioner’s failure to police this problem.

But now the door has opened a crack for Bud Selig. If he can take Cabrera’s batting title off the books, why can’t he re-appoint Hank Aaron the rightful Home Run King again? Further, Selig could do the game justice by bringing back the #61, Roger Maris’ single season HR record. It was only surpassed by admitted testosterone user’s Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

So, here’s our plea to Commissioner Selig: Do America’s pastime the justice it deserves and strip these comic book characters/numbers of their false honors. If that’s not enough, think about your legacy. By accepting these “records” you are justifying the actions of this rotten core and are tainted by association. The Melky Cabrera Fiasco gives you your out. Restore Aaron & Maris, Bud. It’s time.

Tune in tomorrow for Cookie’s Corner, where it’s all natural beauty.

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  • DannyBax

    Wow. I didn’t realize this is what went down. Selig has reached a new low. Like Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux said, “Chicks dig the long ball.” Homers are all that matter.

  • Harlem Shaskys

    Nice work, Mugsy!

  • Knuckles

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Cookies Corner

    Love this column Mugsy. I couldn’t agree with you more on basically all of it. First off.. good for Melky for refusing the crown. Yeah… this new version of ‘Leche’ looks much different than the baby faced, doughy one that was on the Yanks. I liked him. It’s just sad.

    While I agree with restoring the rightful owners of the crown, you only have to look as far as Lance Armstrong and the seven Tour De France titles he’s been stripped of. Those ‘wins’ have been given rightfully to the cyclist behind him in each year. There was no fan fare.. and people are lack to give you a name of any of them… yet everyone can visualize the recent pic Lance tweeted of himself reclining on his couch, walls adorned with the seven yellow jerseys.

    And the saddest bit is… the reason that Melky, Mark, Sammy, Manny, Roger (ok.. maybe not Roger), etc. would give for using steroids is the SAME as it would be in cycling… ‘Everyone else was using.’ Most sports are filthy with cheaters…unfortunately, the guys who work hard and dont’ use enhancement usually don’t get the glory the juice heads do. Until that changes… nothing in sports will.

    • Dude

      cookie, i beg to differ- the UCI has not given Lance’s titles to the #2 finisher- they stand as no winner at all… why because the #2 guys were also juiced. everyone is cycling has been juiced since they started racing bikes.

      everyone get off your high horses- you didn’t like bonds because he was a DICK. we didn’t like clemens because he is a GIANT DOUCHE. everyone of you was really into the mcguire/ sosa season because it was exciting… that’s what sports are- exciting entertainment. If you really want ped’s out of the game, it must change so the players don’t need them. reduce the schedule so players get proper recovery times so they don’t take HGH. what would this mean? probably a 100 game season. that means baseball games 3 times a week instead of 6. we’d be bored to tears. let ‘em take what ever they want. if they want cancer, backne, rage issues, shriveled nuts that’s their problem. I want to see homeruns, cyclists rididng real fast, and linebackers crushing quarterbacks. who cares. this is such a boring issue for the self righteous. so get over it and move on, you can’t have it both ways.

      • WestCoastCraig

        ah, I see the Dude beat me to that point. I happen to agree, even though we’re clearly in the minority. The righteous indignation is hypocritical and ridiculous, especially coming from the blowhard press guys.

        • Sam’s-A-Juicer

          Dude & Craig in 2016!

          • WestCoastCraig


      • Sam’s-A-Juicer

        I’m with the Dude!

    • Cam_James

      plenty of good players from the 90′s will be remembered as clean. Biggio, Griffey Jr., Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz,Pedro Martinez among many others. To say they were all cheating is a scape goat

      • Cam_James

        Cal ripken, Barry Larkin, Ozzie Smith. i can go on forever on clean players.

        • Cookies Corner

          I wasn’t meaning to dismiss all players as juicing… but certainly when you look at the dudes putting up big numbers with the stick in recent history…. there’s a higher propensity of juicers there.

          • Cam_James

            I put up big numbers with the stick… And i play baseball….

          • Cookies Corner

            cam honey.. speak softly and carry a big stick.

        • jgclancy

          Tony Gwynn!–all he was guilty of was pork juice

    • WestCoastCraig

      is that true, though, about the cycling? I don’t think those Tour De France wins were given to anybody…because everybody behind Lance was juicing too.

  • f

    Yeah totally makes sense, because pitchers in hank & the babe’s day totally had insanely advanced restorative surgery, new medicines, high tech video analysis, or even a basic understanding of sports nutrition or physiology. I’m not saying that they didn’t cheat but this wholesale scrapping of records claiming its an apples to apples comparison is ridiculous.

    • MartyStein9er

      Take out Clemens name from the Hall and take back his Cy Young Awards. Would that make you feel better?

      • Dude

        taking back his money would make me feel better

    • Sam’s-A-Juicer

      Babe never had to face the talent playing in the negro leagues, so take back his records too.

  • AngryWard

    Now, now, you know the old expression: “Records are made to be stolen.”

    • Sam’s-A-Juicer

      Let he who is without sin cast the first testosterSTONE.

  • The Public Professor

    Great point about medal stripping in olympics and cycling. I agree. Take the home run titles back.

  • Cam_James

    Why cant we just go back to the days when all the performance enhancement a player needed was a bag of red man and a fifth of jack daniels before a game….

    • Baseball Lifer

      Or a fist full of uppers… The old days didn’t have the monetary incentive today’s player has to cheat. But this is an eye-opener and Selig should strike while the iron is hot.

  • Johnny Rox

    Major League Baseball makes a FORTUNE off of athletes that “Juice!” What would motivate them to “clean up the sport”??? NOTHING! That’s why they don’t!!! You could blame Bud all ya want, but the problem is MUCH bigger than him! PED’S have been around a long long time, and they are here to stay! Only difference is now fans are being exposed to it! And THEY DON’T LIKE HOW THAT MAKES EM FEEL! They wanna believe that the World is leave it to Beaver nice, and it ain’t!

    I believe that the HR leaders would be the same with or without PED’s. Fewer HR’s yes, but the leaders would still be the leaders! Also, keep in mind, Pitching has changed quite a bit as a result of PED’s. I’ve said it before, ya wanna level the playing field? Mandatory PED use! Then all the Whiney Lil Bitches (you listening Canseco???) would have nothing to blame their failure on! They’d just have to accept their mediocrity!


    • Meet The Matts

      The Yankees would have to give back the most hardware out of all the teams in professional sports. So stick your nonchalance up your Dirty Sanchez.

      • Johnny Rox

        When LOSERS Lose they look for a reason, aka an EXCUSE!

        Now here’s the irony:
        This weak mindedness is most likely the main reason for their failure!

        There isn’t a single PED that could help THAT!!!


  • WestCoastCraig

    I’m for anything that continues to tarnish Bud Selig as history’s greatest monster.

    • Diff

      You’d have to erase Gary Bettman from history for selig to take that title.

  • Shasky#52

    I voted for the other guy.

  • Meet The Matts

    Great post by our writer with the best “real” name on the planet – Aristotle. But the only realistic way to fix this issue is to have fans juicing. The more juice, the more brawling and the more there will eventually have to be some cease-fire of the needle warfare. Imagine Fireman Ed, Cow-Bell Man and us the Bleacher Creatures all on HGH. That would get ugly fast…

    In the meantime, we agree with “Mugsy” – whose sentiment is echoed by Aaron, Ralph Kiner, Frank Robinson and Tom Seaver. Strip our “false idols” of their tarnished trophies and drug test EVERY WEEK… Those that have said they like the cartoon sluggers and throwers need to think about the collateral damage this circus has caused; kids on stuff.

    That is simply unacceptable.

  • Declan Yeats

    They don’t cheat in rugby… yet.

    • jgclancy

      What’s rugby?

  • jgclancy

    I’ve been busy but I just read all of this week’s columns and this may have been (so far—and no pressure Cookie ) some of the best writing at MtM..yes MtM McCarthy.
    Well done all.
    A shower…. a pork roast dinner…and a lot of beer tonight then back to Rockaway.
    Go Knicks!!!

  • Junoir Blaber

    Hahahahahaha!! Wait, wait!! you said Selig and integrity and same sentence?!!? Maximum lulz!!!

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