How ANALytics Screwed Judge’s Season: Aristotle Weighs In?

BRONX, NY – 62 homeruns is the new 73, according to these so-called WOKE fans of America. Forget the fact that Sammy Sosa hit 63, […]

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Hey Lucky Fan With the Historic Home Run Ball… Nobody Cares!

WHITESTONE, NY – Imagine going to a baseball game and being the lucky fan who catches a historic home run ball. What do you do […]

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Kanye West, Joe_Namath, Meet_The_Matts, Carmen San Diego, Cam James

Our Kids’ Kids’ Terrifying Future: Mark McGwire, Kanye West, XFL, ST. Louis Blues, Joe Namath?

August 7, 2020 Cam James 0

DENVER, CO – Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?  Where’s Waldo?  Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Dude, Where’s my Car?  What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  […]

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Big Ben: Elvis Andrus and Baby Shark, Do Do Do Do, Gunnar Solskjaer

April 2, 2019 Ben Whitney 0

ARLINGTON, TX – With the NFL draft approaching, MLB off and running, the NCAA Final Four locked and loaded, and the NHL and NBA coming […]

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Friday’s Sports Fibs: Mark McGwire, Buddy Diaz’s Yanks, Conor McGreggor & NY Mets

April 13, 2018 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – The headlines are chock full of what we must ingest and decipher as fact or fiction – #FakeNews – if you […]

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Trump, P_Diddy, Sandy_Alderson, Meet_The_Matts

Mets and Sandy Alderson Bad for MLB, Is P Diddy New Trump?

December 18, 2017 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – It’s always great when MTM Management fails to pass along the memo that the inimitable DJ Eberle is on a Buffalo […]

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From Patriots to Inmates, Jets’ Sanchez “Bets” on himself, and Hero & Villain of the Week

July 13, 2013 Preacher Collins 10

Washington DC – It was a long and rainy day in DC but this author has somehow found the time to pen (or type rather) his […]

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Tardy Tuesday: Players Who Should Retire

June 18, 2013 The Matts 13

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Our newest columnist, Fake Sandy Alderson, is having some technical difficulties on a Padres vs Giants scouting mission. His people tell […]

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MLB: Use Melky Cabrera Fiasco To Restore Aaron & Maris

“Out of all the records in the major sports, the home run stat takes the cake.” SAN FRANCISCO, CA – It started with Marion Jones […]

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The Bad Usher’s Cooperstown Mission: Bud Selig, Pete Rose, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens…

July 23, 2012 West Coast Craig 32

COOPERSTOWN, NY – Commissioner Selig loomed over his desk, a full six feet off the floor, and boomed down at The Bad Usher standing down […]

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