Marvelous Minshew vs NY Young Guns, Dwight Howard, Automated Umps


LONDON, ENGLAND – Sunshine is the most underappreciated quality-of-life ingredient there is, other than maybe water. Maybe. For 3 straight days of Hollywood effects-gone-mad biblical rains, this town and country was fully living up to its “Soggy ol’ England” tagline. But now the sun is now shining warmly (sort of) on our faces over here, and along with England beating the mighty All Blacks of New Zealand to earn a spot in the Rugby World Cup final vs South Africa’s (and Matt Damon’s Springboks), Prince Charles & Co have been flashing their collectively crooked smiles a bit more than usual than usual, in an awkwardly reserved fashion, of course. But you didn’t come here for “the rugby” or a report on the Royal Family, so let’s get to what has caught the attention of yours truly, from this side of the pond, as per the above headline: Marvelous Minshew vs NY Young Guns, Dwight Howard,

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Gardner Flint Minshew II – He’s got the best QB name to come down the pike in decades. He’s got a great mustache. He’s playing exciting football. And he’s a young QB that the Jets and Giants likely both with they had right now. Did we mention that he’s on a roll that might relegate Nick Foles to a backup role yet again? Count this guy – meaning me – as a passenger on the Minshew Mania bandwagon. Love. This. Guy.

Dwight Howard – That’s right, Superman is not dead! In fact, the guy that was at one time arguably the biggest talent in the NBA, looks like he’s finally found his mojo. As a Laker last night, Howard shot 8-for-8 from the field and had 16 points, 10 rebounds, four blocks and a plus-minus of plus-23 in 23 minutes off the bench. pretty Super for the 33-yearold coming off a thousand miles and injuries, including multiple back surgeries.

“I’m grateful. I think myself and the fans have been through a lot together. But just to be back here, man, it means a lot. I just take it all in, every second, every moment on the court. It’s valuable. Hopefully the fans enjoy when we go out there and put everything on the line. I just try to bring that energy and that effort and that intensity every night… and have fun doing it.”

You know, I’m now rooting for this guy.

Automated Umps – Okay, the Washington Nationals may have a gripe about Lance Barksdale ringing up their guy with two outs and a man on first vs Gerrit Cole. BUT… Barksdale blew an inning-ending strike three call just prior to that. Add to that the fact that the Nats were already trailing 4-1 and really, you have to say – “Take your thumbs out of your mouths and get on with it, guys.” We need to leave the umps alone. End of story.

And just like that, as Bob’s Your Uncle, I’m done. Leave your thoughts below and come back for Big Ben Whitney, tomorrow.


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