GREEN BAY, WI – Just seeing the NHL blurb re Sean Avery’s potential return to the NY Rangers, based on the dissolution of his Dallas deal, had us pondering the big breakups and broken marriages that have rocked professional sports. Who split, who jettisoned, who declared – none of that really matters. As Frank Sinatra says in his intro to “Send In the Clowns, “This is a song about a couple of adult people who have spent, oh, quite a long time together, till one day one of ’em gets restless and decides to leave. Whether it’s the man or woman who left is unimportant. It’s a breakup.” (Here’s ‘Ol Blue Eyes singing it

The biggest current parting of the ways MUST be the Brett Favre/Packers divide. #4’s donning Gang Green instead of Green Bay Green was just wrong. It made for messy situations in both camps and has the Jets teetering on extinction if he doesn’t come back.  Vinny From Brooklyn and Wisconsin Walt can be called to testify on this. Note to Jets: Get your own stadium and your own QB. Joe Montana pulled a similar act when he traded 49er crimson for KC red. Sure, he took them to the playoffs with some patented Montana Magic looked silly doing it. His legs looked skinnier in that uniform – there, we said it.

Brian Leetch, the perennial all-star defenseman with the NY Rangers should have just hung up his skates (left one first – as per Rod Gilbert) instead of wandering around with other Original Six teams  (Grote2DMax’s Bruins and Ed Nelson’s Maple Leafs). Brian should have taken a page from Phil Simms’ book and gone away a season too soon rather fog our memories of his career.

Michael Jordan looked ridiculous in a Wizard uniform – simple as that. That never should have happened and everyone involved in that move should be drawn -n- quartered. Yankee Joe can preside. 

Whole franchises have divorced locales, leaving fans broken and areas depleted. Just ask any alive that were around for the Dodgers and Giants bolting for California. Go to Winning and ask about the Phoenix Coyotes. Ask a Quebecois where Les Nordiques are and he’ll gesture toward Denver between tears.

But no divorce was more unsettling, more startling or more scarring for many of our regulars here than that of The Franchise and M. Donald Grant’s New York Metropolitans. This one, Matt and I agree, is the sole reason we’re bald. Granted, we’re now buddies with Steve “Hendu, Can Do” Henderson – one of the key players in the trade – but losing George Thomas Seaver and David Arthur Kingman on that fatal Friday still has  us quivering in disbelief. Tom Terrific and Kong came back but as Jay Gatsby learned, you can’t recreate the past…

That’s all for today, please chime in below, go down to the East River and check out the 8-story snowboarding ramp/competition, start sending us your Fan Fotos, prep for Sexy Rexy O’ Rourke tomorrow and remember, “… tomorrow we’ll run even faster, we’ll stretch our arm out even further…”

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