FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – The Super Bowl has come and gone. Hockey and Basketball are not yet interesting. It’s still a bit rainy in Florida, though the sun keeps fighting its way through the untimely torrential downpours. “What makes them untimely?” you ask of your co-workers as you stand at your cubicle? Allow us to explain: While this Matt was driving from Tampa after 5 days with our Super Bowl Giveaway Winners (Mark & Mario of Arizona), the other Matt was here in Ft. Lauderdale working with Jose Reyes on an Under Armour commercial. The spot was being filmed at Ft. Lauderdale Stadium, the spring training home of the Baldy-more Orioles. [NOTE: They wear orange and favor bald guys.] Anywho, they were shooting the ad at night and only had Jose for 2 nights as per the PTB (Powers That Be)… So, what happened? They spend hours setting up the lighting and all that and suddenly, Mama Nature (Yankee fan) opens up and lets ‘em have it. Suffice to say, she left everything on the field – to the point that the shoot had to be cancelled left Matt and Jose only one night to do two nights’ work. That is what makes for an untimely torrential downpour, ladies and germs. This Matt and Dan The Man (our stellar Director Of Photography arrived on set from Tampa just in time to savor some amazin’ Craft Service (the spread of delectable foods on a film set) and watch the skies rain on the parade. More significant to us, however, was not the tasty chicken soup or the turkey meatballs that we stuffed in our suit pockets – no. Instead, it was Jose Reyes’ MAJOR COOLNESS that grabbed us. His smile is the real deal, folks. He’s as nice as they come. No bull. No, we didn’t shoot anything with him and we didn’t ask – he had an Under Armour Army around him and they paid well for him to wear their exceptional stuff are paying him to work into the wee hours under difficult conditions. That’s not the point. The point is that he is a good guy and we were genuinely pleased to find out that the many choruses of “Hip, Hip, Jose” that we initiated in our nation’s stadiums on his behalf were not for naught! Moreover, we feel a lot less geeky simulating his batting stances and dance moves in full garb in front of reflective store windows. (We were shocked to find out that the people in the stores could see us!) So, to sum it all up: Jose Reyes is somebody we can guiltlessly cheer for and is a HUGE reason why we can all – even Yankee Joe –  root for the New York Metropolitans. Oh, and we’re getting some Under Armour threads so we can look more like him during our Wiffle Ball games – but that’s another story… Please chime in below, bellow “HIP, HIP, JOSE!!!” and ready yourselves for one heck of an Angry Ward tomorrow -we’ve been prank phone calling him to tick him off…


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