EUREKA, KS – We recently sat -for countless hours – with Marv Levy, his 4-time loser Buffalo Bills and some Snickers Bars, trying to accommodate two needs:

A) Two of you going to an Interleague Game with $50 W.A.M. (Walkin’ Around Money) on us and…
B) MTM getting hit more, leading to Advertising $$$, leading to more stuff for you to watch and interact with.

Yet, it wasn’t until we were watching Scott Norwood’s kick go wide right for the 1256th time that we snapped out of our collective haze (Cornelius “Biscuit” Bennett’s jarring snoring did the trick) and solved our problem as quick as a Jim Kelly to Andre Reed pass. And despite mouthfuls of chocolaty goo, we bellowed the answer: Trivia!!!

Go ahead, jump around – we did, too – and make damn sure to wake the neighbors.

Here’s how it will work for the purposes of getting started today, despite having no clue how to properly do this:

  • All questions will be derived from stuff on (Videos, Fan Forum posts, Matt Facts, Advertisers & Photos)
  • Every Saturday, new questions will be posted, with the last posted on Saturday, June 6th.
  • Previous questions may be answered by new-comers
  • All answers are to be emailed to us a
  • Leaders will be posted each week
  • A weighted scoring system will be in place to benefit those that have played from the very beginning. That way, Wisconsin Walt doesn’t lose out to PhanaticComeLately (for what it’s WERTH), should they end in a tie.
  • Tie breakers will be based on some confusing and antiquated aggregate of statistics, leaving you apoplectic and our defense of said outcome specious at best.
  • We reserve the right to add a question to the odd Tuesday or Thursday post, just because Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson will likely find that dubious.
  • We may attend the game with the winners, depending on the O.O.P. (Out Of Pocket) damages that we are forced to incur (HELLO??? Anyone donating tickets to this cause???)
  • We will work out the kinks as we go – like the Yankee bullpen or Daniel Murphy in the outfield.
  • We are certain that multiple players will end up suing us. To those potential litigants, we heed this warning: YOU CAN’T BLEED A ROCK.

    So, without further ado and without wasting time discussing the crushing loss the Phillies suffered last night – wasting a Cy Ho Young performance by Chan Ho Park – or the vanquished “Texiera Moment” at a soggy House That Greed Built – we give you your first MTM Trivia question:

    Q: In our BIG LEAGUER AT HOME PART II video, what does Kevin Baez call us just before he bites into the bacon?

    Isn’t this fun??? Tell your friends – help is allowed.

    Sam’s-A-Fan tomorrow…

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