NEW YORK, NY – We had a wild day in sports yesterday, with much of it being off the field and Michael Vick’s reinstatement basically getting lost in a certain local team’s Curly Shuffle:

It’s your quintessential Tale Of Two Cities here in New York: The Yankees continue to win and hit home runs, the latter coming at a pace surpassed by but one other team in baseball history. Meanwhile, the Mets, specifically their Executives, choose to compete not with the Phillies or Rockies – no, they can’t do that – but with Anthony Bailey and P. T. Barnum: the circus guys. It seems Omar the General Manager would rather be known as Omar The Tent Maker, and work with the Ringling Circus Family instead of the Wilpon Family Circus, developing personnel:

The Met shenanigans prompted some S.A.T. words and straight shooting from their exemplary broadcast team of Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez, which left us pleasantly apoplectic:

    GARY: And funny thing about this whole conflagration is that normally fans don’t care about who the vice president of player personnel in an organization is, all they care is that their team wins and loses.

    RON: I would have liked it if the mea culpa… would have been more forthcoming from than it was by Omar… They’ve turned something that should have been, like Gary said, a loose wheel, a bad wheel, expurgate it, back to the business of baseball a team that had won two games coming into a huge home stand…

    KEITH: I’m wondering if Omar got off his talking points. This was just a firing of a guy that made a lot of enemies… It was a simple job of hey, there was an investigation, and he had to go and it should have been left at that.

As for the Michael Vick saga, the timing couldn’t have been better. He owes Omar Minaya at least two well-bred pit bulls… With some fight in ’em. For now, Vick looks almost like a martyr, having served what some perceive as an unnecessarily long sentence. Whatever… What Mikey Vee should do is forget football and start lobbying for the new opening as VP of Player Personnel for the Mets. Or better yet, how about the soon-to-be-open position as Met GM??? After all, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, Adam Rubin notwithstanding… By the way, those folks that suggest we were too hard on Vick, claim that other star athletes have done similar things outside this country – ON VIDEO – without repercussion.

Holy smokes, when the Fred “Chicken” Stanley did that happen?!?!

Finally, we end with Tony Bernazard.

Had Topless Tony not EXPOS-ed himself (the deposed VP of Player Personnel took his shirt off and challenged the Bingampton Mets to a fight in a tirade), he might still be ensuring the Met Farm System’s continued nurturing of future Chico Esquelas – yet now we can only dream…

Besides, we have it on good authority that he just landed a job with the Tigers:

Angry Ward and our big meeting with a potential partner tomorrow…

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