WAGGA WAGGA, AUSTRALIA – Despite Angry Ward’s Ghandi-like opposition to our muy macho ideals re toughing out injuries and our inclination to the rougher sports out there, today we simply have this to say to all the highly paid, long-term contracted professional athletes out there: JUST PLAY HURT.

One could easily cite example after example of NHL or NFL players gutting it out – Lawrence Talyor chasing down Randall Cunningham is one that our Philthy Phriends will remember…

And certainly our current local in the Land of Plenty [of injuries] would make finding a zorbing, rugby, bungee, shark diving, hang-gliding, or footy injury example easy to find but hey, we bowl spinners* that’s make Ricky Pointing’s knees wobble at you on

In fact our resident Sargent At Arms, Sgt. Buck Protocol, insists that we forgo conventional choices – and who are we to argue. Besides, as Cookie, Mrs. Matt, Annie Savoy, janet and Linda have all so frequently demonstrated, women are just flat-out tough. Do you hear what we’re saying, Ollie, Carlos, Carlos and Jose? We hope so. Now watch this and weep, boys:

SARAH TUCHOLSKY, if we gave you a ‘Roo Pen, you’d change the face of professional sports forever… FOR THE BETTER. Put that in your San Diego soy latte, Angry Ward. By the way, the young Darryl Hannah lookalike Dutch waitress that just served us our coffe frappe, after arguing that her saying she was from Holland one minute and The Netherlands the next was the same as our saying we were from America or The States, actually zorbed in her Dutch homeland. If she zorbes, we zorbe. Stay tuned.

Sam’s-A-Fan tomorrow…


P.S… After nearly getting a some serious rasberries mountain biking with Replacement Matt along the precarious upper rim of Minyon Falls Wednesday, we turned it up a notch and just got back from SCUBA diving with sharks. It was humbling, to say the least. Our ‘dive guy’ from Byron Bay Dive Centre took this photo of a passing friend:

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