By Rex O’Rourke

NEW YORK, NY – The Trade Deadline has come and gone with a flurry of last minute deals, as has been discussed, ad nauseam. here and elsewhere. Yet, I love trades and there were some big ones and some not so big – but all had impact, particularly in the AL Central, where all the top teams made deals. Still many teams leave me scratching my head:

  • Mariners: The coffee drinkers were buyers and then sellers which seemed contradictory at best and downright goofy at worst. If you’re going for it, then why would you trade your hottest starter?
  • Red Sox: Boston really put their veteran chemistry on the line by obtaining Victor Martinez. On any given day The Sawx will be benching, LaRoche, Varitek, Ortiz, Martinez, or Lowell, and moving Youkilis across the diamond. Are they trying to stay minty fresh for the stretch run, or will this “strategery” backfire, and bruise egos; since all these guys are used to playing every day? Only Terry Francona knows for sure.
  • Pirates: Oh, the Pirates are sellers yet again. In year 17 of their 5 year plan, they are now selling off the very guys they were going to build around in the first place. Wilson and Sanchez were actually two guys who wanted to be Pirates and were a great double play combo. If Nady, McClouth, and Bay can be jettisoned, I guess anyone can. Who’s in charge of player development, Tony Soprano? A once proud franchise lay in ruins. Tough times for Pirates fans!

  • White Sox: The Pale Hose, currently schooling my Yankees, are so desperate for pitching that they obtained Jake Peavy; who may not even pitch until September.
  • Tigers: The Motor City Madmen landed Jarrod Washburn, who until 2 months ago had been pitching like Jared from Subway. I can’t help but think that he can’t keep his hot streak going much longer. In my eyes, he’s a number three or four.
  • Yankees: The Bronx Bombers made very little news by grabbing the always underwhelming Jerry Hairston Jr. He had a decent first effort on Saturday and could stabilize the utility role.
  • Mets:… aw never mind! NOTE: MTM Editorial Staff deleted video Rex had included because it is part of an upcoming edit. Sorry, Rex.
  • Dodgers: The Boys from Mannywood added bullpen depth by getting George Sherrill from the Orioles. This may quietly be the best pitching acquisition this side of Cliff Lee. The Dodgers are going to the pen early and often and really needed another quality arm.
  • Phillies: The Champs made the biggest splash with the acquisition of Cliff Lee and should repeat as division champs. Lee is the goods.
  • And after all the hype, rumor and speculation, Roy Halladay is staying put. Crazy games folks, crazy game.

    Until next week,


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