MINNEAPOLIS, MN – If you’ve been lucky enough to read our guy Angry Ward’s column every Wednesday, you’d know he’s a Bronx-raised Minnesota Vikings fan, which likely has much to do with his being angry. You’d also know that one of his favorite readers is Wisconsin Walt, a die-hard Green Bay Packer backer, who is respectful and mannerly with his comments. Like our moms, we love him. Literally. Anyway, unlike these two popular residents of Mattville, we felt we could objectively break down this whole Green Bay/Favre divorce thing. Needless to say, somebody is going to be angry.

  • Vikings are known for raping, pillaging and sacking. Cheating is inherent in all three of those behavioral issues. Let’s face it, the Vikings cheated in their dealings with Favre and consequently cheated the fans of Green Bay and Minnesota. Once Favre talked to the Vikes, The Pack had no recourse but to let him go. In our book, Minnesota went from the Purple People Eaters to the Purple People Cheaters.
  • Wisconsin Walt’s Packers lost last night because Aaron Rodgers’ actions and facial expressions more resembled the wronged son in this commercial than they did of a gifted and confidant NFL QB. Aside from being *A-Rodge’s doppelganger, the kid matches the surly scowl Aaron had on his puss every time Favre did something good. Ironically, the commercial is about rollovers, which Rodgers did mentally throughout, like on his opening drive fumble and sideline interception.

  • Brett Favre has finally ticked of Terry Bradshaw, which in itself is enough for us. After all, aside from having four Super Bowl rings, he is a Renaissance Man in the truest sense of the word. And he’s not afraid to cry.
  • Coach McCarthy: Did we mention that the organisation from Wisconsin is coached by a McCarthy and thereby is somehow related to Short Matt? Clearly, this is a team on the rise – one that will exceed all expectations by the best coach in football.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper and that’s why the Vikings will go only as Favre as a 40-year-old QB will take them (He’ll be 40 by the next game). Remember the NY B-R-E-T-S??? They were 8-3 before Old Man Favre started acting his age. Adrian Peterson can only do so much, regardless of how buff he may be. Moreover, risking the development of a young gun, a QB to build upon, is just another example of this organisation heading in the wrong direction.

  • That’s all for today, PLEASE TELL PEOPLE (purple is okay) about this site and ready for a truly Angry Ward, tomorrow.

    *MTM Original

    P.s… Since we took the opposite of Rex O’Rourke’s picks, we are now 1-11, yet still feel confident that he will collapse like the Vikings at the midway point.

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