by Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

BRONX, NY – With The Yankees one win in against the Orange County Angels of Not Los Angeles But Anaheim, they have increased not only their chances at a coveted 27th World Championship – but they’ve increased the frogging parking prices to an off-season $40 frogging American, up TEN SMACKERS from the regular season. It’s understandable to pay extra money on playoff tickets, but forty dollars for parking fees! PARKING FEES!?

Now, I’ve taken a lot of heat for being a Yankee brown-nose in my previous articles here but I’m fighting mad now. Especially when my only other parking choice was of the $32 variety, up from the regular season fee of $18. That’s nearly double. You do the math.

So, why the increase? Because the post-season is considered a special event. My question:

Do we get a car wash with that extra fee?

The answer was a curt “nah.” Without that or some other service – how about putting air in my tires? – it’s just an absolute rip-off. Where is Chuck Schumer?

He should be gunning down these parking lot operators as they try to take full advantage of those overzealous fans that drive to these games. The drivers’ hands are tied as they’re taken for fools – like me as I begrudgingly forked over a Ulysses S. Grant.

As if eighteen dollars wasn’t a mugging in itself – a crime punishable by time in the joint – try this on for size: If all the post-season games were played out to the maximum -3 home games for the Division Series and 4 each for the League Championship and World Series – then the total for your parking spot will be $352.00 (32 dollars for 11 home games). Of course, you can opt as I did and pick the $40 lots, setting you back a chunky total of $441. So, pick your poison.

Shame on you, Parking Lot Proprietors!

So go ahead suckers; park in that spot. Just don’t bump my ride, I just had it pimped.

That’s it, gotta go look at the train/subway schedule. The red-hot Rex O’Rourke will be here tomorrow with his words of wisdom and his winning NFL picks. I hear he’s 11-1 or something crazy like that. And I’ve also been told to tell you to check out The Matts’ new video (click here), shot down in Australia in tight shorts.

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