Rex O’Rourke

South Bend, IN – It’s over. An overtime home loss to a school that didn’t have football two Presidents ago, signals the death rattle of the Charlie Weis regime. He will be history by the end of the season. It’s a shame in some ways because he has made some strides with the Golden Domers, and if Jimmy Clausen stays for his senior year, they’ll play some exciting football. Still, with a record no better than either of his predecessors, Weis’s fate will be sealed. He’ll be getting a visit from a guy in a silly hat and funny collar very soon.

True, their offense can be explosive and they have a star quarterback for the first time in ages, but they just don’t have enough playmakers on defense to play big time football. Charlie’s recruiting, clock management, and defensive speed are exposed every time they play a top notch program. No one comes into South Bend the least bit concerned anymore.

Four home losses to Navy, Syracuse (can’t spell sucks without an “S” and a “U”) and now Connecticut, in the last three years, will not placate the ravenous alumni of the nation’s most tradition rich program.

And you know something… I don’t care. Notre Dame has its own TV contract, a soft schedule, truckloads of dough, and a national fan base. If they can’t rise to prominence, they have no one to blame but themselves.

I know what you’re thinking; But Rex, you cold hearted S.O.B., The Irish have to actually go to class! True, their academic standards haven’t been lowered as far as schools named after Southern states, but all you have to do is look at their next opponent to see student-athletes on the rise. What is Stanford going to do to them after the pasting they gave USC in the house that O.J. built? It’s going to get ugly! Notre Dame has as much chance against Stanford as F Troop against the Apaches!

As for Sunday football, which is more to my liking, I stand at a stellar 21-8-1 against the spread after ten weeks. Look for The PATRIOTS (-10.5) to put an old fashioned on The Jets. I’ve got a hunch that The BUCCANEERS (+11.5) will cover as a home dog against The Saints, and finally, The Chargers (-1) will dispatch The BRONCOS in a divisional match-up of teams headed in opposite directions. This game is my LOCK OF THE YEAR!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next week,

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