By Rex O’Rourke,

Stony Point, N.Y. – I have to admit it. I love Jets fans. They are among the most loyal in the land and have certainly endured their share (and my share and your share) of heart ache over the years. Even this crusty old Giants supporter has jumped on the bandwagon a bit. It’s probably a one and done, but that’s why they play the games, right?

Last night I attended a little get-together at the clubhouse for The Friends of the Hudson River Valley and experienced life in the ultimate Man Cave. Multiple TV’s, fireplaces, grills, adult beverages, ribs, wings… well you get the picture. What separated this gathering from many others was the rabidity of the fan base. We’re talkin’ guys that have gone to 240 straight Jets home games (and some roadies as well) and tailgated ’em all! I should be so dedicated, or crazy, I’m not sure which.

Any way, I was thinking about all the times Jets fans have had their heart ripped out of their collective chests and shown their still beating tickers. Richard Todd, A.J. Duhe, Bernie Kosar, Keith Byers, the list goes on and on. Yet Fireman Ed’s faithful do just that; they keep the faith. I was happy to see the diehards get a W yesterday and with that D and running game I suppose anything is possible.

Even Mark Sanchez, who was asked a bit more of than usual, showed signs that he’s the real deal and played a terrific game with a few very good throws. I wonder what Pete Carroll thinks now? So dream your little dream Jets fans, live to fight another day, and enjoy it while it lasts, because it rarely does. I’m happy for yuuz!

I finished at 27-21-3, after a miserable O’fer, recording only a handful of victories in the last five weeks, yet still finished well above .500 for the year. If anyone was actually taking my advice and wagering hard earned dough on my selections, I hope you won. Caveat Emptor! You’re on your own for the playoffs!

Happy New Year,

P.S. Watching Philly play Dallas in the playoffs was akin to having my gums scraped. It was only a question of which team I hated more. Unfortunately, that team prevailed. UGH!

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