by Rex O’Rourke, not Nostradamus

Clifton Park, NY – Let’s face it. I know nothing about sports. As a prognosticator, I fall somewhere between Criswell and Carmac. Let us review some of my predictions on this site in the last two years, starting with last week’s Masters preview. I predicted Jim Furyk would defeat Ernie Els in a playoff. Els’s game was els-where and Furyk missed the cut. I also made the mistake of thinking Tiger was human. He is not. He is an alien from an early James Cameron film. I, of course, said he’d miss the cut, which is like saying Bill Russell was a loser.

I had Ohio State beating Kentucky in the NCAA final. Last year I had Georgetown to go all the way. Oops!

I did correctly pick The Yankees to win the World Series (not much of a stretch) but had them beating… ya ready for it? The Astros.

Earlier this year I attended a Red Wings/Islanders game at the Mausoleum and after the Isles hung an old fashioned 6-0 butt kicking on the perennial Cup contenders, I pronounced them ready to take the next step and make the playoffs. The Charlestown Chiefs could whip them now.


I started out hot on my three picks per week NFL plays but faded; barely breaking .500.

I predicted that The Steelers would beat The Giants in the Super Bowl.

I even said Health Care had no shot!

I picked Dennis Rodman, Scott Weiland, and Annette Funicello in a dead pool… TEN YEARS AGO!

Most horses I bet on are still running.

I was sure I’d win the lottery by now and have already spent the winnings.

I had the CCCP in the cold war.

I had Eddie Van Halen in the Roth/Van Halen feud.

I had Elvis living to a ripe old age.

I had Avatar for best picture.

I had Argentina over England in The Falklands.

I had New Coke.

And finally, I had the under (9) on Liz Taylor marraiges.

West Coast Craig
, tomorrow.
Until next week,

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