MILWAUKEE, WI – This has been the strangest year for streaks in baseball that I can recall.  Some baseball streaks make sense, like Pete Rose’s 44-game hitting streak since he had well over 4,000 base hits in his career.  But then there are others that make you scratch your head, like Luis Castillo’s 35-game hitting streak in 2002 since he couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield.  In Williamsport. With an aluminum bat.  Against little leaguers.

Here are some of This Year’s Major Streaks:

Dan Uggla – 33 Game Hitting Streak.  This was the 15th longest streak in baseball history and certainly the longest by someone who was batting under .200 (he was batting .170).  Even after hitting in 33 straight games his average is under .230.  This streak was about as plausible as Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin challenging Ken Jennings winning streak on Jeopardy.

Jo Jo Reyes – 28 Consecutive Starts Without A Victory.  Reyes owned an 0-13 record and a 6.59 ERA in the 28 starts between June 13th, 2008 and his victory on May 30th of this year. Jo Jo tied Matt Keough, who went 28 starts without a win for J.G. Clancy’s Oakland A’s in 1979.  Jo Jo’s 13 consecutive losses during that stretch is still a far cry from Anthony Young’s record 27 consecutive losing decisions, which came as a Met from May 6, 1992 to July 24, 1993.  After he was able to Get Back into the victory column Jo Jo jokingly thanked everyone in attendance and asked if he’d passed the audition.

Jo Jo Was A Man Who Thought He Was A Woman Blow Up Doll

Seattle Mariners – 17 Game Losing Streak.  The Mariners were actually a .500 ballclub at 43-43 on July 5th when their losing streak started.  Luckily on July 26th they got to face A.J. Burnett and the streak was history.  The Philadelphia Phillies own the all-time record for consecutive losses with 23 straight from July 26 to August 20 in 1961.  So until the Phillies streak is broken they should be considered the biggest losers in baseball, just like their fans.

Pittsburgh Pirates – 18 Consecutive Losing Seasons.  The Pirates haven’t had a winning season since 1992, when Barry Bonds packed a grip and left for the coast.  They started out this season pretty strong but have fallen 6 games under .500. Even our very own West Coast Craig has predicted a winning season for the Pirates this year.  This is the longest streak of losing seasons in the history of baseball, second only in all of sport to the Washington Generals.  I for one am pulling for them.  Let’s Go Bucs.

Looks Like A Very Personal Foul To Me

Craig Counsell – 45 Official At Bat Hitless Streak.  Counsell is certainly not an All-Star caliber player but you don’t make it through 16 years in the majors without getting a hit in almost two months.  By going hitless from June 10th until August 5th, Counsell tied the major league record for batting futility.  Our old friend Topless Tony Bernazard went 44 at bats without a hit for the Indians in 1984 until he broke through with the hit single “I’m Too Sexy”.  Right Said Fred Wilpon always knew Tony was too sexy for his shirt.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a man who is too sexy for this site, Angry Ward.

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