Miss Buffalo

NFL HQ – A wacky day in the NFL yesterday, as seemingly no lead was safe.  To recap:

Bills and Pats Excellent Adventure:  Coming back on the Raiders last week was one thing, but the Patriots?  Bills were down 21-0 and 24-17 before pulling out the upset.  Let’s hold off on the “they’re real” stuff until they do it on the road…but how many Harvard grads go to work in Buffalo? Could the Patriots have Bosox Fever?

Cats don’t like to get wet:  The Panthers were down 10-5 in a monsoon.  In a week fantasy owners finally started him, Cam Newton played like Fig Newton.  Blaine Gabbert, who was drafted just ten places behind Cam Newton last spring, played like Gabbo. Can’t blame them, it rained harder than a rapper in a strip club.

It must’ve poured in Cincinnati too:  The Bengals led this 5-3 and every announcer dusted off his “baseball score” analogy.  This match-up, between franchises that faced each other in the Super Bowl twice in the 1980s, produced even less points than the Panthers-Jags game.  Wait, it was sunny and clear?  So both teams just stink now?  Got it.

Cam gets 'Figgy' with it.

What can Browns do for you:  The Dolphins led this 16-10 in the final minute before finding another way to lose.  The Browns are now 2-1, tied with the Steelers and Ravens atop the AFC North.

Another week, another double-digit lead at halftime:  The Vikings led the Chargers in week one by 10 at the half.  Last week they led the Bucs by 17 at the half.  Since those weren’t good enough to hang onto, yesterday they went up 20-0 at the half on the new NFL darlings, the Lions, and lost again.  Next week they face another 0-3 team in the Chiefs, in Arrowhead, and will need to be up at least by thirty at the half to have a chance.

Harvard Nose Tackle

Big Easy Brides:  My wife’s first reaction on hearing this reality show title was that it was about large slutty women getting married.  Texans led 16-7 early, and 33-32 late…but settled for too many field goals and learned they’re not quite ready to get in a shootout with the Saints.

Ok, being down 16-14 in the third doesn’t exactly make it a “comeback“:  but the Giants overcame not just those two points, but a ton of debilitating injuries, and the taunting of obnoxious Philadelphians.

Things to do in Tennessee when you’re dead:  The Broncos led 7-0 and 14-10 while the Titans lost their best receiver, Britt (one half of Flight of the Conchords I believe), but still won the game.  However, Tennessee didn’t cover 7.5 points and Chris Johnson still sucks, so they’re dead to me.

 Angry Birds, Seattle:  The Cardinals had a 10-6 lead at halftime, but you can only keep Tavaris Jackson down for so long.  Well, okay, you can usually keep him down as long as you want…but the Cardinals decided to let him fly into the end zone and lose another game. They’re both 1-2, which in the NFC West makes them favorites.

The Bills Get Two Pix Today

When I Painter my masterpiece:  It counts as a comeback, because the Steelers were losing 13-10 at the half, but the Colts deserve credit for at least trying to come back from the dead with a defense that made Steeler fans Angerer.  This kid Painter may be the QB of the future (or the now), but at the moment he’s still applying primer.

Grote2DMax will be coming back strong tomorrow.

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