Great InterBrews In Baseball: “F*ck Yeahs” By Nyger Morgan Needed By MLB

MILWAUKEE, WI – What an unbelievable baseball post season it has been – and this after a few equally astonishing collapses and surges down the stretch. All the series going five games makes me wish each playoff round was of this variety because of the heightened sense of urgency. Sh!t, even the baseball purist in me says expand the playoffs to include more teams provided the shortened series.

The unbridled joy of victory for fan and player is inevitable and uncontrollable, as was the scene in Milwaukee on Friday night. In one of those deciding game five’s the Brewers allowed the Arizona Diamondbacks to tie the contest late in the game and take the contest into extras. As the camera panned the stands, we saw fans praying with tightly-clasped hands – not for another sausage or beer, but for Divine Intervention  for the organization’s first playoff series win since Harvey’s Wallbangers.

The home team hero would be a nut. A certifiable bat-scat crazy S.O.B., Nyger Morganwho is my favorite player –  drove in the winning run with a clutch one-out base hit that sent the Miller Park faithful and brought his Brew Crew up to his level of craziness. What followed was nothing short of brilliant as Sam Ryan, the on field T&A for TBS, administered some of the most honest and telling post game interviews and reactions from the victors.

First there was Prince Fielder, who apparently couldn’t put more than a lucid thought together in response to Ms. Ryan’s first question, whatever it was. The response from Fielder, “Ah, I don’t know. I don’t know. I gotta go.” Hilarious! Did he have to take a leak or make a bee line for the post game buffet? Sure there was champagne celebration in the locker room but no rush, it lasts the whole evening. As Fielder is making his exit stage left the camera finds our hero, Morgan, screaming “F*ck yeah!” while Ryan is tugging on another Brewer for a better interview than the Prince of All Media.

Morgan breaks free of a few hounding supporters and by the television audience’s dumb luck, Ryan chucks the obviously irrelevant Brewer for the man of the hour. What do we get while Sam Ryan tries to ask her first question? One more interrupting scream of “F*ck yeah!” from Captain Morgan. Fantastic stuff as far as I’m concerned considering the standard clichéd responses we’ve become so accustomed. What ensued during their exchange thereafter didn’t matter because I had seen and heard enough to put me in a great mood. We hadn’t seen an interruption like that since the Video Music Awards when Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift. Game 5 was entertaining as all hell. It looked like a prison yard ballgame; the tattooed Diamondbacks versus the Brewer thugs – which was obvious long before the interviews proved afterward.

The Brewers have this motorcycle-riding ape-hanging gesture with an accompanying shout that will have me rooting for them and Nyger Morgan all the way, baby. F*ck yeah!!!”

West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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