Jose Reyes Bunted Himself To Miami, Now Wants Out?

FLUSHING, NY – It was fun while it lasted. But it ended so horribly, horribly wrong. Jose Reyes, the former New York Mets shortstop, left a foul and lingering taste in the mouths of many of his adoring fans. Including us.

But like any decent dopey fan, we were there for his last game before Free Agency, to cheer Hip, Hip Jose into staying put. Problem was, Reyes didn’t give a rat’s ass.

Yet we managed to battle through our disillusionment and in the process put together, with the help of co-stars, Jose Reyes Man, Tie Guy and Cow-Bell Man, a feel good piece that we hope will take some of the sting out of an awful Met season and its abysmal end.

Here is Reyes’ Last Stand:

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