Against The Wind: Tebow, Epstein, Fitzpatrick & NBA

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Never piss or spit into the wind.

Guess who has been called in for Garbage Time, or to pinch-hit, as Concussed Matt calls it? You know things are bad when Grote2DMax, Lori Levine and Cookie all have their plugs pulled in the same week. So, with Tall Matt now M.I.A. Matt, the guy that’s 1 full month behind in comments, gets the ball. They have the nerve to make me actually work at my job – but I will have caught up by the time this publishes.

“Against The Wind” is the song is on my mind right now. It is on my Facebook page and on repeat on my mp3 player. Against The Wind is something we all learn when young… well at least boys do: Never piss or spit into the wind. Also, always have the wind at you back in the 2nd half, as I tell my rugby captain before the coin toss. So today, aided by a little poetic license, the wind is representative of the doubters, naysayers and haters that athletes run into trying to succeed:

Einstein's theory was specious...

Patrick Fitzryan: Wait… I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick. Either way, he’s the cliched Irish-named guy from Harvard that is now the BillsStar” QB. When he joined the league, apparently his nickname was… you guessed it… Harvard. I am sure he wasn’t surprised that people that didn’t go to Harvard were laughing at him for choosing Pro Football instead of Investment Banking or Deaning some law school. And attempting in Buffalo, he had run straight into the squalls off Lake Erie during the thrice-weekly blizzzrds! Yet, fast forward to this season with the Bills and he has them at 5-2, leading the AFC and playing winning football for the first time in years. He is not flashy, like a Manning or Brady, but he is smart (quell surprise) and efficient. Now he can join the rest of his Harvard pals making millions as a professional.

Cookie in Greenwhich

Theo Epstein: Fitzirish’s fellow Ivy Leaguer is from Yale, so Patty really doesn’t like him. But Theo is doing well. (Kojak’s name was Theo, I think). Now, breaking The Curse of the Bambino and getting Boston a World series Title was like running into a Nor’easter, but young Theo (I mean come on – I am older than him!) brought two to Beantown. However, he wants a bigger challenge. Aptly for purposes here,  he wants to bring a World Series title to??? The Windy City. Poetic justice aside, that is like running into a Tornado. But Epstein, who is no relation to Juan, is gonna try. If he does pull it off, all he needs to do then is turn water into wine and he will be the resurrection of Christ.

Chirst! There’s my segue Tim Tebow, who kneels with me below:

Don't make me watch Tebow or the Raiders again.

I am slowly starting to be won over by Timmy Trinity. I mean there is something to be said for his unwavering belief in himself, when the majority of experts, coaches and greats say he sucks. He won against Miami, yet was eaten alive by the Lions. Timmy doesn’t have the skill set but he seems a winner. Look, if a rookie Ben Rapist Roethlesberger and Trent Frogging Dilfer can win a Super Bowl (2 words, West Coast Craig), so can Tebow. He just needs a team with good defense, special teams and a great running game. If all you ask from him is to manage the attack and get 17 pts for the defense to win, you have a chance. And toss in a Hail Mary.

NBA Players and Owners: The Lockout continues and the fans are getting more upset and/or ambivalent about the season. Half will stop caring and the other half will be too upset to wanna support them. Have they learned nothing from the NFL. I am not too worried, though. The Rangers are always on MSG  and this is their year! You heard it here first. The year they finish third in the East and lose in Game 7 of the second round, that is… I am at least realistic.

Different Matt takes the ball on short rest tomorrow for Cookie, as the rotation is beginning to look like the Met Staff in August. And p.s… Get some of your friends to the site. Tell some strangers. We need to be heard!!!

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