Angry Ward Wednesday: Sports Stars – They’re Just Like Us!

NEW YORK, NY – I got the inspiration for today’s column from an issue of US magazine my in-laws were kind enough to leave behind at our humble crib after their visit earlier this month. When you take away the fact that I no longer know who three-quarters of the so-called celebrities splashed across the pages of these magazines are anymore and that the Kardashians still get way too much coverage for my liking, I still find publications such as these a nice little diversionary bathroom read. One of the best and unintentionally funny (at least I think) features in US is the section titled Stars – They’re Just Like US! which is nothing more than photos of celebs doing everyday activities like going to Starbucks or picking up dog crap. With that in mind, we’d like to offer: Sports Stars – They’re Just Like Us!

They con their friends into making fools of themselves.

They also get folks to work for nothing. With that in mind, I think we’ll call this week’s column done. Still waiting for that MTM Holiday Party invite.

Cam Purcell back tomorrow??? Stay tuned.


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