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CLEVELAND, OH – As much as I enjoy British rock super-groups like The Who and Led Zeppelin, I’ve always been more of an American Rock ‘n Roll kinda guy. One of those acts, who I regretfully have never seen in concert and thought I would long before the Boston Bruins would ever win the Stanley Cup, celebrates his 67th birthday today. Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Famer Bob Seger and his trademark raspy vocals and poignant, blue-collar storytelling lyrics, has always been my favorite solo artist. Seger is also a huge sports fan. Today I’ll pair some of his songs with sports related storylines…

Tryin’ To Live My Life Without You“- What the Yankees fans, management and players will be singing after the unfortunate injury Mariano Rivera suffered Thursday evening.

Seems like yesterday...

Get Out Of Denver“- John Elway had this one blaring off of Live Bullet when Tim Tebow was shown the door after the second best Manning replaced America’s Christian.

Feel Like A Number” – At racetrack stables all over the country it’s the horse’s lament at being raced, whipped, and bet on. With Derby day in the books, what were the winning numbers and how much did the exotics pay anyway?

Beautiful Loser“- The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings, a combined 0-for-8 in Super Bowls, are known more for ineptitude on the big stage than their numerous victories leading up to the last NFL loss of the year.

Night Moves“- The Irsay family had this queued in the cassette deck of the Mayflower Moving Company’s trucks while reprehensibly relocating the storied Baltimore Colts franchise amid darkness to Indy-no-place.

Come To Poppa“- The Antonio Cromartie theme song if the Jets DB gives the go-ahead on a planned reality show involving all his baby mammas. To celebrate the most recent addition to the litter in April, it’s a song to run on the field to at the very least.

Hollywood Nights“- The sexploits of Magic Johnson and Wilt Chamberlain have to take a back seat (no pun intended) to what the Los Angeles Kings and Jonathan Quick are accomplishing in this year’s NHL playoffs.

Rock ‘n Roll Never Forgets“- As Roger Clemens’ trial wastes taxpayer money, Bob Seger reminds us that music doesn’t ‘misremember’ like athletes who back themselves into an uncomfortable corner.

We’ve Got Tonight OR “Nine Tonight“- Ben Franklin invented electricity but Wrigley Field didn’t take advantage of this modern convenience until the late 1980’s when stadium lights were installed for nighttime baseball. Day games only prevented a third home game and a possible playoff series victory in 1984.

Still The Same“- A 49-year-old pitching in a hitter’s environment in Colorado is still crafty enough to gobble up 150+ innings as Jamie Moyer has done the past five years minus last season when retirement apparently didn’t sit so well at the age of 48.

Like A Rock“- Another American guy with the same blue-collar wherewithal, Ryan Callahan, captain of the New York Rangers, “brings it” on the ice every night. This guy may as well be made of stone for the amount of slap-shots he continually blocks.

MTM‘s “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man,West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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