Grote’s Gripes: Best 2012 MLB Giveaways

TAMPA, FL – Another day another one-hitter for R.A. Dickey.  Damn, he is fun to watch pitch this season.  Anyway, a few months back I detailed the 2012 Met Promotions. Today I’d like to tell you about the best of the rest, my favorite promotions from around Major League Baseball for this season. Some of these have already passed but there certainly is time for you to hop a plane to catch a few of these can’t miss days. Time to get your travel plans in place.

July 1st Texas Rangers Chicken Express Nolan Ryan Snow Monkey: Where do I start? What is a snow monkey? Is this supposed to look like Nolan Ryan? What is a Chicken Express? I need answers people.

July 7th Arizona Diamondbacks Lucha Libre Mask courtesy of Univision 33: Violent crime around the stadium will go up 500% this night and all the witnesses will swear that Mark McGwire was responsible.

June 29th Tampa Bay RaysZim Bear Presented By Tampa Bay Times: Now this is officially the scariest item you can ever give a child. Kids will react the same way to this bear as Pedro Martinez did to the real thing, by grabbing it around the head and flinging directly on the ground.

September 23 Tampa Bay Rays TBD Bobblehead: Or in baseball terms this is known as a bobblehead to be named later.

May 8th New York YankeesHand Sanitizer Keychain Day Presented By New York Presbyterian Hospital: You’ll need a lot more than a keychain dispenser of this sanitizer stuff to wipe off the filth from a day at Billy Crystal’s Whore Emporium.

June 22nd Chicago White Sox Mullet Night & Fireworks Presented By Great Clips: A real 80’s night. Not only is the mullet making a comeback this night but at least 5 people will blow off their own fingers trying to light M80’s they smuggled in for the occasion.


June 3rd Cleveland Indians Carlos Baerga Bobblehead Presented By Medical Mutual: That’s right Met fans, a Carlos Baerga bobblehead. Next year I expect the Twins to have a Luis Castillo Bobblehead Night.

June 14th Kansas City Royals All You Can Eat Seats: One of multiple nights they have this promo. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I can eat more than one seat during a game.

June 22nd Philadelphia Phillies Mama Lucia Meatballs Ladies Night: Mama Lucia, those are some nice meatballs you got under that Phillies T-Shirt.

July 14th Cincinnati Reds Reds Lawn Flag: Usually this is just a white flag that the Reds wave around the All-Star break. After the sweep of the Mets last weekend, this year may be different.

June 2nd Houston Astros Retro Gym Bag: This bag comes complete with knee-high tube socks, PF Flyers, skin tight gym shorts and a mesh T-Shirt. I have to go on ebay now and outbid The Public Professor for one of these.

April 22nd Los Angeles Dodgers Sleeved Blanket: They should just add “ZY” to the LA insignia to really describe the brave souls who dare to wear this giveaway.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our favorite LAZY guy, Angry Ward.

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