June Sucks So Far Sports-Wise

NEW YORK, NY – June has arrived and the sky has officially fallen for me, sports-wise. What a depressing time this is. My Rangers crashed out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to Fatso and the Devils, who just might go on to win it all. They lost a close one to Jonathan Quick and the LA Kings Wednesday night. The Fat Man in the New Jersey net matched the outstanding Quick shot for shot until a defensive lapse in overtime led to the Kopitar breakaway that decided the game in favor of the Kings.

The Kings still haven’t lost on the road, which doesn’t bode well for the Devils. But the Devils are used to playing catch up now. They lost Game 1 to both the Flyers and Rangers and we all know how those series turned out. Still a long way to go but we’ll know more as to where the Cup may be headed after tomorrow’s Game 2 at the Prudential Center.

My Yankees still have a worse record than the Mets after two months of regular season baseball. The Yankees stars are not burning bright right now. Teixeira is starting to hit but is nowhere near his best. A-Rod is hit and miss (mostly miss). The Yankee rotation drops off precipitously after CC Sabathia. Coming into the season the Bombers were worried about having too many starting pitchers. Now its tough to pick a suitable hurler after CC. The portly southpaw has been himself as always. Its strange how Sabathia is the only starting pitcher acquisition that has worked out for the Yankees in quite some time. The list is extensive with Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Jared Wright, AJ Burnett, Esteban Loaiza, and Javy Vazquez twice to name a few. CC is the one that worked out.

Down in Baltimore, the Fighting Showalters are still in first place, albeit tenuously clinging to the top. The Yankees are middle of the pack in the AL East and the Red Sox are in last place, although only by a sliver. The division is so close that you could throw a blanket and cover all of the teams. I think the Sox will heat up and the O’s will fade down the stretch. My Yankees are an average team right now and will probably continue to play average baseball.

In Queens, the Amazin’s are playing some decent baseball with mostly minor leaguers. After David “E5” Wright, the team is a veritable who’s who of nobodys. Wright is having a great season, which makes perfect sense being that this is a contract year. He’ll win the batting title this season just in time to not re-sign with the Mets. I just hope he doesn’t take himself out of the lineup the last game of the season to preserve the batting crown.

It sucks that the NY Rangers’ season is over but I can take solace in the fact that the New York Football Giants are still Super Bowl Champions and will remain so for at least another seven months or so. And Tall Matt’s Islanders still suck.

Come back for The Public Professor tomorrow.

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