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Cheesy Bruin

NEW YORK, NY – Friday night’s events at CitiField alone deserve more than the strict five-hundred word limit us MTM contributors have been shackled by, especially for a NY Mets fan base playing second fiddle in Yankee Town and who have endured the pain that comes with that territory. And there’s a lot going on outside of this city… But I’ll try an make it work.

Fifty years is a long time to wait for a no-hitter especially when the organization trades the all-time leader, Nolan Ryan, before pitching seven or former Mets throw them as Yankees or some obscure names like Bob Moose, Bill Stoneman and Ed Halicki no-hit the Metsies. The addition of a second Wild Card and strange/positive things happening in Flushing make for an interesting summer for the Metropolitans, as opposed to the Yankees who regularly shipwreck men on base to the tune of Gilligan’s Island theme song when a runner reaches second base.

Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart finally came out out hiding and… officially announced his retirement after signing the obligatory one-day contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stewart, if you recall, was rumored by teammates, media, and fans to play for the other team on non-game days. A rumor once placed him at a noted lover’s lane for flamboyant folks in the Steel City and I’m not talking about where the Primanti Bros. build famous three-pound hoagies topped with French fries, to which Pittsburgh fatties make love to in their Ford Broncos and use the passenger seat as a napkin for greasy fingers. No, not that place… Anyway,  “Slash”, as he was nicknamed, only waited seven years to file the paperwork, so there’s hope yet for Bernie Williams to do the same, so long as either don’t pull a Dominik Hasek and claim a comeback at the tender age of 48.

Rajan Rondo had a game for the ages against the Heat. So outstanding were this Celtic’s efforts, even a pro basketball hater like me took notice of a stat line reading: 53 minutes played of a 53 minute OT game, 44 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals, handed out towels and Gatorade, dry-mopped the floor during free-throw attempts and…was on the losing end of a 115-111 score. The only equivalent performance is when your wife bitches for an hour about her day, you tilt your head keeping constant eye contact like you really care – and even ask a few questions. A flawless performance on the outside, but with the Homer Simpson think-bubble on the inside you lose when she reveals a therapy shopping session – with money you don’t have.



New England author Robert Frost surely would have been a Tim Thomas fan as his famous poem “The Road Not Taken” reads like Thomas’s hockey bio. It pains me to call out the sole reason the Boston Bruins are reigning Stanley Cup Champs for announcing a 2012-13 sabbatical due to family reasons and fatigue. The road less traveled continues for The Tank as I think he has played his last game for my beloved Bruins.

That puts me over the 500 word count and we haven’t even touched the Devils/Kings... Let’s do that below.


Our very own man of prose and verse, West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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