NFL Picks, Locks, Shoe-Ins & Mortgage Payers

NEW YORK, NY – I’m licking my wounds over the ending of last week’s Cincy-Cleveland game, which cost me the weekly prize in a point-spread contest. Leading by ten points, laying nine and a hook with the Cats, the Browns faced a fourth-n-goal at the five with five seconds left and curiously opted for the field goal to make it a seven-point game… and my loss. With that, here are NFL Picks, Locks, Shoe-Ins & Mortgage Payers:

In a clear example of what makes the NFL so popular is the 1:00 meeting between Jacksonville and Indianapolis. Why would anybody watch this game outside of the participating markets? Because you can take my advice and bet on an otherwise dud of a game. Andrew Luck looks every bit the Geico caveman and the projected NFL-ready QB. Today he and the Colts will struggle and struggle mightily as a three point favorite. The Jags still have tread marks from the Texans running game, but won’t face nearly the same abuse this week. With a Week #1 miracle-turned-buzzer-beating defeat, start MJD in Fantasy Football as he leads a pissed off group of mates to a double digit victory. Cheesy Bruin + Jacksonville = Cheese Jax for all my friends!

The Chicago Bears looked horrible in last Thursday’s prime time game against the Packers, who didn’t look particularly sharp either. With the long wait between games, the uncertainty of starting RB Michael Forte, combined with Jay Cutler’s continued practice of berating teammates during games, the team is still a hefty fave. Would anybody in their right mind lay that much with these Bears? Yet, that’s why they call it gambling and that’s why they call me crazy. Josh Morgan’s (WASH) ridiculous penalty clinched victory for the Rams, to the delight of their fans here on MTM. Jeff Fisher’s defensive influence hasn’t been absorbed yet and with a banged up RB Steven Jackson relieving the “D” of pressure isn’t forthcoming. Slingin’ Sammy Bradford doesn’t have enough to keep up with Brandon Marshall’s huge day.

Monday Night Football is either a bailout opportunity or a wallet-padder. Whatever your situation, the total of the Green Bay at Seattle contest is 45 and should fly well OVER that for the following reasons:
Green Bay has lacked precision in the passing game from bad route running to dropped passes and dare I say lack of timing. Having snoozed to victory last Thursday the extra time should have them clicking on all cylinders.
– Another prime-time affair is the Packers chance to snap out of their malaise and almost guarantees more points are to be scored because everybody wants to look good on television, don’t they?
– The Seahawks have the type of mobile QB in Russell Wilson that gives a defense fits. He can throw the ball pretty well, too when not handing off to The Beast, Marshawn Lynch (Irish?)

With very little to say, Buffalo at Cleveland just sounds like a 14-13 UNDER 44 ½ barn-burner to me.

All this should open me up to our Monday Morning QBs/second-guessers, The Public Professor and West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

P.s… For more NFL picks to risk your rent money on, check out D.J. Eberle’s Top 3 NFL Picks for Rugby Heads over at

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