NFL Saints Are Sinners: Will Bounty Be On Them?

NFL Saints Are Sinners

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Last year around this time, I wrote a column about the New Orleans Saints before “Bounty-gate” ravaged the organization with Katrina-type fallout. The opinion in that post suggested a descent for the Who Dats. Today, there is concern for their complete demise. And if you think for a minute Saints football is a non-topic in NY, listen carefully and you can here the sigh of relief from the many Giants fans on MTM, since the team that simply owns Big Blue won’t be around in January to ruin the winter. See, The Saints are Sinners.

For those of you who are lucky like me to list Drew Brees as part of a fantasy football roster, it might be wise to have a quality backup. Why? Because its incredibly naïve to think the signal caller of a team who has been indicted of inflicting bodily harm on the opposition, won’t for pay with “street justice” from enemy defenses—especially division rivals. His number may as well be inside a bulls-eye, as defenses will be amped up like chimpanzees on Red Bull to deliver a little something “extra” in separating man from football. Going so far as to predict a toe tag in Brees’ future is hyperbole, but missing some playing time this season is a very good educated guess.

However, the Saints demise started two season’s ago it was a road playoff loss as a double-digit favorite. Last year it was another away post-season failure, albeit a waning seconds defeat in San Fransisco. The only way to weather the storm as the team plays league-ordered musical chairs with its head coaches, is with a ground and pound offense. They keep their already suspect defense off the field, which is minus Jonathan Vilma for the year and Will Smith for a month. Long drives could save the season – and Brees’ life – but they are a major departure from what they are used to running… and is easier said then done. The offense has been of a finesse and rhythm variety. Asking them to morph into a smash-mouth football team is a tall order. Maybe they need $ome incentive.

Giants fans still have target on backs.

Finally, the team’s future took a hit with the loss of a few 2nd round draft picks. The first three rounds of draft picks are what help teams rotate stock and build a roster. Less help is coming from the early draft and other organizations may be unwilling to deal with the Bounty Hunters if trade calls come in.

Screwing with karma is a bitch and unless one of the expert witch-doctors in the Big Easy can help rid them of any voodoo, it’s going to be an ugly year for the Saints and Brees’ fantasy statistics.

If you want to throw a few bucks on some football action today…a live underdog that may just bite the ass of Baylor outright at 6:30 p.m., the SMU Mustangs +9.

Speaking of  Mustangs, tune in tomorrow for The Public Professor and then West Coast Craig.


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