NFL Picks: Week 6 Betting Bonanza!

Clawz & Raider Jerry like Cheesy Bruin's NFL Picks!
Clawz & Raider Jerry like Cheesy Bruin’s NFL Picks! And they are douche bags!

CHICAGO, IL – After one more week of going 3 for 4, these absolutely free NFL Picks are too good to keep in a rat-hole, so tell a friend to visit the site and become a regular.

FAVORITE (1-0 last week/5-0 season)
According to today’s NFL point-spreads, the odds-makers are forecasting what shapes up to be a competitive slate of games, which makes picking extremely tough against the Vegas number. With that, I had a difficult time hanging my hat on a favorite for the MTM faithful. Alas, it’s the MIAMI DOLPHINS as the 4-point choice over the St. Louis Rams. The Fish (Abe Vigoda?) are 2-3 with an even point differential and have shown some moxie for a team with rookies at QB and head coach. Save for a few missed Doug Carpenter field goals, they’d be sporting the same record as the equally-resilient Rams, who are banged-up at a few key positions. Plus, the Rams have lost both road games thus far and their two division wins could be based upon familiarity. Reading the “soft” line on this one, Vegas knows the ‘Phins are the better team as slightly and more than a home-field FG advantage, but won’t set a higher spread, keeping Miami a betting secret.

UNDERDOG (1-0 last week/3-1 season)
It was difficult picking just one underdog today as there are three which are worthy of salivating over. The one standout of the three, is a risk based upon the following:
-Their three losses this year have seen the defense give up points qualifying for OVER bets on their own…
-The ninety-seven, yes, 97 points allowed the past two weeks versus infinitely tougher opponents in N.E. and S.F.
-The anemic Jets put up a 45-spot on them the opening week…
-Today’s road game won’t have them hearing the orchestra of boos coming from the home fans if they stink it up…
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . the Buffalo Bills. If there is a shred of manhood left in this team it comes out at 4:05 EDT kickoff in Arizona and lasts three plus hours without Cialis or Viagra but +4 ½ . No looking at the coaching staff just into the mirror and get stark raving mad at how woeful you’ve performed. Put your big-boy pants on and individually beat your man play in and play out to achieve the larger team goal of a victory. Playing with emotion can and will keep this one within the point-spread. If the Bills fail, it’s time to go home and get your shine box as buffalobilly84 and others drown themselves in LaBatt’s.

The Public Professor & West Coast Craig

UNDER (1-0 last week/4-0 season)
Five weeks into the season with a four-game lead and a bye week looming next week, how in the world do the Atlanta Falcons get excited about playing the Oakland Raiders? History says 1:00 starts adversely effect teams traveling from the Left Coast and I get the feeling the Dirty Birds keep hitting the snooze button on their alarms in the morning. UNDER 48 ½.

OVER (0-1 last week/0-4 season)
I’m still looking to break the cherry on these wagers, so I’ll just make the pick without an explanation until I can boast about it. PHIL/DET OVER 47 ½.

The Public Professor and West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

P.s… For 3 different NFL Picks, check out D.J. Eberle over at with these

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