Octoberfest Means October Baseball! MLB Playoffs & Chicken Dance

Hayden Panattiere has some surprisingly nice steins.

MUNICH, GERMANY – October has to be one of the most popular months of the year. Arguably it has the most fun holiday in Halloween, the Germans – and anyone who likes a good chicken dance after 6 steins of Hofbrau – are partying all month. Also, my favorite movie house is running midnight screenings of crazy horror films every night and it’s the last month before the interminable NBA season begins again. Too bad in lieu of hockey this year we’re stuck with the presidential debates, where nobody pulls the their opponent’s suit over their heads and starts wailing away.

It’s also the¬†MLB Playoffs and after a mere weekend it feels like they’re already half over. The Wild Card game (the you’re-already-in-but-you-really-have-to-win-to-get-in game) didn’t cause any controversy. Bud Selig gets to breathe a sigh of relief that it didn’t blow up in his face and that half the series are on the verge of ending… Have I mentioned I hate that the higher seed has to start on the road? I know it hasn’t been an issue this year as the Reds and Tigers have put hammerlocks on their series by taking two right away on the road, but last night’s Oriole crowd was outstanding and frankly, the Yankees were fortunate to escape with the win. It seems to me that if you’re allowing more playoff teams in, then the rightful upper seeds should have the advantage of opening at home. Travel days are a concern to keep the entire thing confined to October, but it a 2-2-1 or 1-2-2 would be have more integrity.If that means playing a day game and flying out that night to play the next day in another city? It’s the playoffs – suck it up.

What I kind of like about October baseball is that it’s the only time you get to watch the TBS production. Not that the TBS production is so great, but by this point I’m thrilled to watch something other than ESPN or FOX or MLB Network. What’s that you say? TBS shows Sunday games all year? Good for them! Thumbs up to using The Boss for the opening music. Dennis Eckersly is still sporting the feathered blow-dry mullet and mustache like he’s still into “the lifestyle.” Meanwhile, David Wells looks to still be into is wings and beer. Not that there’s anything wrong with but they did have a hard time filling rain delays. Much was spent much of last night lauding Derek Jeter:
Wells: “He’d give you the shirt off your back.”
Matt Winer: (trying to joke): “The shirt off your back?”
Wells: (not sure what he’s talking about): “I don’t think he’d want the shirt off my back?”

On the field, reporter/human light reflector Craig Sager wore a traditionally tacky suit…but this one, a baby blue felt with a fat tie, was almost ironically tacky, like he doesn’t realize his own schtick anymore.

Don’t know how many of you stayed up for the Yanks/Birds, but it was the best of the young playoffs (despite a walk-off win by Detroit). Tight, back and forth, great pitching, missed chances, timely hits, and great plays (including two from replacement Baltimore RF Chris Davis...pegging a slow-out-of-the-box Mark Texiera at second and then going into that why-is-that-there-anyway corner to rob Curtis Granderson with a look-what-I-found grab that was plenty impressive. The Yankees were good, but they’re going to need to be very good to get past this bunch.

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