No Time for Sandy Sympathy After Pushing Back the Clocks

Tic Toc, mother!@#$!

Inside the Clock Tower – My family in the Bronx and Yonkers are all good, managing to have escaped the worst of Sandy.  And down here in Baltimore, we were on the south side of the storm, which means the surges weren’t as bad.  For me, the lights stayed on and the large tree in my back yard that’s tangled with the power lines stayed upright, so it’s all good.  But of course I have friends in lower Manhattan, Long Island, and New Jersey who got walloped. And that doesn’t even count MTM’s own victims like Cheesy Bruin and Cookie.

But nearly a week later, sympathy had to take a three-hour break as my Steelers came into town to face the G-Men.  No quarter asked, and none given.

It was a good, tight, well-played game. Exactly what you expect from two teams that have won four of the last seven Super Bowls.  Also, by my count, these are the last two teams in the NFL without cheerleaders.  Damn straight.  Football’s about knockin’ heads, not knockin’ boots. It’s about passes and punts, not pom poms.

Anyhoo… Pittsburgh won courtesy of 4th quarter comeback.  The G’ints couldn’t muster much in the second half, their only real highlight coming when they thwarted a fake FG down near the goal line.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Barring a match up in the Big Game, these two won’t meet again for another four years.  The are two of the premier franchises in the NFL, both in longevity and in setting an example on how to run a team, from multi-generational family ownership on down.  Win or lose, I enjoy it whenever it comes around.

Save an Hour –  It’s that time of year again when, for no discernible reason, the nation screws with my circadian rhythms by pointlessly pushing the clock’s hour hand back and forth like a blind man’s walking stick.  And for what, I ask you!  For what?

This time we gain an hour. Hardly worth it when we just have to give it up again in a few months.  But if you’re so inclined, here are some things the world of sports could do with that extra hour.

  • These Chinese athletes probably weren’t a day over 12, so really, 14 is a step up.

    Oakland could try to figure out a way to stop Doug Martin who, at last check, was still running

  • Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr could pretend to keep negotiating. You know, to make it look good
  • Kentucky can search for a new coach with a name worthy of replacing the recently fired Joker Phillips.
  • That 14 year old Chinese kid going to the Master’s could age some more.
  • Oregon can adjust its rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of Notre Dame as they pass them in the soon to be extinct BCS rankings.
  • And the rest of us can take a nice, long nap.

Speaking of naps, Grote2DMax will be cashing in on a much-needed snooze fest tomorrow after a trying week of no power. West Coast Craig, confused by the whole clock thing, will therefore provide tomorrow’s fodder.


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