Upon Further Review: Fresh Look at NHL, Manti, Mets

Cheesy-Bruin-Cowboys-BruinsTORONTO, CA Upon further review, the New York Rangers are going to have to stop relying on being Las Vegas’ choice as Stanley Cup favorites and start playing like every single game in this shortened season is a playoff game. Just asking, but is “King” Henrik looking like a serf because of the pressure?

Upon further review, this Mant’i Teo thing is getting way more attention than it deserves or does it? Duping the media to the nth degree is fabulous and any platform to see Katie Couric’s best gams in the business is a good charade. I would sum up the whole fiasco as a hybrid of two movies—SimOne and Rudy. Baltimore Ravens cheerleader hopefuls warm up before taking to the stage during an event called "Making the Cut" to select the 2011 Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders in BaltimoreA facsimile of a woman who is 5-foot nothin’, a hundred and nothin’, and not a speck of biological “talent” more than woke up the echoes at ol’ Notre Dame. Up next on the interview circuit is Dr. Phil. Kill me now, please.

Upon further review of all Big Game “prop bets” is a very creative gambling endeavor reading: Will a player on the active roster be arrested prior to the game? No 1/1Yes 5/1… This one really put the wheels in motion and isn’t much more trouble to make a buck than when Kramer and Newman drove a truck load of bottles and cans up to Michigan to cash in on that state’s inflated beverage deposit. Throwing $10K on YES is the first step. The plot involves researching the hotels in the greater New Orleans area and finding where the Niners and Ravens are lodging. Surveillance and trailing athletes to and from the hotel leads to an opportunity where an altercation ensues causing a player to strike me in the face. Assault charges are filed an arrest is made and I cash in on the prop bet. Simple.

Upon further review, Vladimir Tarasenko of Cam James’ St. Louis Blues is the real deal and is going to challenge Boston’s Dougie Hamilton for NHL Rookie of the Year honors. Four goals and two assists in his first four games is an impressive stat line for a veteran let alone a freshman.

Upon further review, maybe things are looking up for the Mets after all as their questionable interest is free agent pitcher Carl Pavano was put to rest as a result of a ruptured spleen. The right-hander wasn’t beat up or fell or injured during off-season training. Shoveling snow off his driveway??? Hey Cheap Ass, invest in a snow blower that any Vermont resident is apt to own. Better yet, help the local economy and hire the work out. Lastly, I’m far from being in athletic shape but I shovel snow without major medical problems when necessary.

Upon further review, Cam Cameron called his firing as Ravens Offensive Coordinator “a brilliant move.” If this guy wants to work again in the NFL – and yes the Jets interviewed him – he isn’t making a strong case for employment. Low self esteem doesn’t help at job interviews unless you apply for MTM employment.

The Public Professor, tomorrow.

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