Sugarpova goes Porsche, Knicks, and NY Giant Nicks

Porsche's new Model - The Sugarpova
Porsche’s new Model – The Sugarpova

New York, NY – Its been a heck of a week in Sports folks.  Where do we start??  Need a sugar fix?  Maria Sharapova….also known for her new gummy candy aptly named ‘Sugarpova‘, and the #2 ranked women’s tennis player in the world, has just inked a deal with Porsche to be their new Global spokesperson…aka Cheerleader extraordinaire.  Why, you ask, would one of the most respected luxury car companies in the world choose this tennis blonde bombshell?  Let’s find out….

“Maria is the perfect choice,” said Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller. “Her profile and charisma are an ideal fit for Porsche.”

Thanks Herr Meuller, now how ’bout a translation for the guy drinking a Budweiser at his local tavern?

Maria’s freakin’ hot.”

Well that settles it.  Congrats Maria, well done.  And we look forward to seeing your tush parked in a Porsche Boxter S Model soon.boxters

Switching gears…the NY Knicks are up in Boston for Game 3 of Eastern Conference Playoffs.

J.R. Smith doing a 'Tebow?
J.R. Smith doing a ‘Tebow?

They lead the series 2-0 and have won 18 of their last 20 games.  One would think they’d have run out of gas (milking the car theme a bit-eh?) by now but according to J.R. Smith, its just gettin’ started.  Word is that the Knickerbockers are all pumped and ready to ‘run over’ (hey hey) the Celtics on Friday night.  It won’t be easy playing in enemy territory and Boston has a lot to play for.  Expect Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, and Tyson Chandler to rock the Celts off of the Celtics and make it a 3-0 series.

Before our final story, let’s take a quick look at who’s still the tops in Major League Baseball.  Oh, yeah, the Atlanta Braves.  They had a rough week, but are at 15-6 with Paul Maholm going for his 4th win in Detroit.  But to be fair, at the time of writing this article, the Tigers were up 10-0 in the bottom of the 5th…so on to the NY Mets.  The Metropolitans are sitting at .500 (10-10) playing a 3 game home series against the (9-14) Filthydelphia Phillies.  David Wright is hitting again and John Buck continues to bat runners in (NL RBI leader).  Let’s Go METS!

hakeemnicksLastly, Preacher Collins had the opportunity to have an in-depth interview with NY Giants‘ Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks this week.  Hakeem is in his last contract year with the Giants and is coming off of an injury-hampered 2012 season.  But with 1,000+ yds receiving in 2010 and 2011, a healthy Nicks is planning to kick it in high gear (hey hey) and position himself for a big bucks contract extension with the Giants.  Expect an Eli-Nicks combo rocking another Grand in 2013.  Good Luck Hakeem and thanks for the pic!

That’s all for Preacher’s Row, be kind, be safe, and check in tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin!




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