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ASU Tunnel with Tillman at the end

football-pat-tilman-memoryEL BARRIO, THE BRONX – I have no idea who I am up to bat for, at all. I just got the call, grabbed the my bat and went to the plate. I guess the better analogy would be I got promoted to the starting QB. All of today will be about throwball – or as you Americans know it – football.

Topping the news in Football right now is Peyton Manning. 7 TDs in one game!! That is just insane. Everyone knows he is great but in case you forgot, he reminded everyone. He is more than those commercials, he is the real deal in the regular season. I have friends that say he fails to deliver in the playoffs. He can’t be responsible for poor defenses, he puts up respectable numbers.

Speaking of putting up numbers in the regular season stars… Who doesn’t love Fantasy Football!? The County Government of Westchester, that’s who?! I am in an office there once a week for my new job. I go to set my team for the first game of the season and Bam! My screen goes white and a warning window comes on warning me that I am… “attempting to enter an unauthorized website.” Reason? Games. I mean, c’mon!  What am I supposed to do at the office… WORK?! Who actually does that these days?!

Speaking of Fantasy in Football, Adrian Peterson just came out and said that fans are living in a dream world if they don’t think HGH is in the sport. I hope no one is going to take a stand on integrity. These players are modern day gladiators and America is the new Roman Empire. We demand these warriors give us blood. We want big runs, big passes and big hits. Well, how do you think we get to this point, folks? A human being is not going to be 6’2, 250lbs and have but 3% body fat without some help. This help will sometimes be legal, sometimes not. Does it matter? Maybe. Remember though, Ray Lewis beat a murder charge and went on to accolades, awards and being a role model, so you tell me.

ASU Tunnel with Tillman at the end
ASU Tunnel with Tillman at the end

It is bit sad that we cheer so hard for these gladiators, but when they retire from the game, they are forgotten. People remember the greats but many  made no money in their prime, so they are broke. They are afraid to see a doctor because they can’t afford it. Well the NFL finally settled out of court with a retired NFL player lawsuit regarding brain damage. The retired players will get 800 million. There has yet to be a decision on how it will be dispensed. Some thought the retired player should have held out for more but those guys are old and on death’s door while only getting bare social security. It was in the NFL’s favor to wait.

I wanted to acknowledge that start of that evil version of football, college football. It is slave owners and slaves celebration. Actually the NCAA‘s role and the ongoing lawsuit about paying players has gotten interesting with the NFL decision. The NCAA is in a bind over if they want to still claim amateur status and be responsible for retired college footballers.

Finally the image you see, is of Pat Tillman!! He will be last thing Arizona State University Footballer players will see before taking the field.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Cheesy Bruin.

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