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Our born leader
Our born leader

East Palo Alto, CA—I’ve been told that my incessant ranting about the Mets is turning some readers off. And that my colleague, GrindingAxWalter is beating a dead horse with his non-stop assault on the New York Giants, and our beleaguered future Hall of Fame QB Eli Manning. But our readership is vast. After EBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Facebook and Bang Brothers, is the Internet’s 5th most visited site according to Quantcast and our most recent Alexa ranking.  So I’m not writing for the benefit of our boss’s drinking buddies, I’m writing for the edification of our 67 Million unique visitors we receive on a monthly basis.

So with the world watching, it is my responsibility to broadcast my message. And my message is glorious. I’m out here in Silicon Valley this week meeting with some of the area’s largest tech companies.  Today I’m visiting the Google campus in Mountain View, and their “Nap Pods” are genius! Gone are the days when taking a quick sanity break meant running downstairs and standing on the frozen New York streets grabbing a quick smoke, huddled with the other desperate souls. I tried one of these Pods and found that some even included 13″ TVs inside! I turned to the MLB Network to catch up on the big doings down in San Diego at MLB’s Winter Meetings.

nap pod

I officially retract every last bad thing I’ve ever said about brilliant Mets GM Real Sandy Alderson! What a performance! It’s been 30 years since I’ve been this excited about the next Mets season. Here’s why…

The Mets have sent Noah Syndegaard, Daniel Murphy and Wilmer Flores to the Rockies for Troy Tulowitski, the best SS in the game!

Next, Sandy went out and signed Max Scherzer, the top free agent pitcher available and a true #1 bonafide Ace!  And he wasn’t done! Sandy followed that up by shipping Curtis Granderson, Travis d’Arnauld and Zach Wheeler to Washington for Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon and Stephen Strasburg. A dizzying array of franchise transforming moves that make the Mets instant contenders for years to come. Sandy Alderson has got to be the early favorite for 2015 Executive of the Year. Such initiative and proactive maneuvering by Sandy has set the baseball world on fire. Rather than sitting around passively as he’s historically done at these meetings, this time he came loaded for bear and hauled off with the best players he could finagle.

So the 2015 Mets lineup will look like this:

Rendon 2B

Wright 3B

Tulowitzki SS

Duda 1B

Harper LF

Cuddyer RF

Plawecki C

Lagares CF

And the Mets’ rotation:

1. Scherzer

2. Harvey

3. deGrom

4. Strasburg

5. Niese


This is a dream team destined to win 105 games nest year! I’m sorry I ever doubted the proud Marine with the Harvard law degree. He had a plan all along, and was waiting for the right moment to pounce. Yes, the man knows talent. He can sell ice to eskimos. The nerve, the panache shown by Sandy this Winter gives Mets fans everywhere the confidence that he will lead the Mets to multiple championships.  I am in awe of this brave Marine’s sheer brilliance.

On to Cupertino to visit with Apple and Tim Cook. Here’s hoping their ApplePods are working as well as Google’s did.






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