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John Angelos

EL BARIO, DE BRONX – Some of you might not know this but I moonlight as a full-time professional when not in front of the computer for MTM. This week I could barely catch my breathe as there was a deadline due and I had to collect info and submit applications. In spite of all of that there were bits of sports news that I couldn’t escape. beginning with the drama in Baltimore, John Angelos, the New York Rangers, and the NFL draft.

Baltimore: Wow, its been one hell of a 6th season of The Wire! No seriously, if this drama leads to creation of a 6th season of the Wire, I’ll be happy. We all know by now, how I feel on this matter so no need to re-hash really just to say that, incompetent staff must be rooted out regardless of if it is in a manufacturing plant or a police department. On a sports angle it was nice to see members of the Ravens trying to give speeches and communicate with the frustrated youth of the city.

John Angelos: The Baltimore Orioles have had to play their home games on the road and that cost the club money, however John Angelos is not being talked about because of this. He is being talked about because of his response via twitter to B-more sports-radio broadcaster Brett Hollander who took to Twitter to complain that the demonstrations were negatively impact the daily lives of fellow citizens are counter-productive. Orioles COO John Angelos, son of owner Peter Angelos, surprisely rushed to the defense of the protestorsm with this brilliant retort.

Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela and all great opposition leaders throughout history have always preached this precept. Further, it is critical that in any democracy, investigation must be completed and due process must be honored before any government or police members are judged responsible.

That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good, hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.

The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, and ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importances of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards. We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the U.S., and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic civil and legal rights, and this makes inconvenience at a ballgame irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.

Now the cynic in me thinks that he might be saying the right thing because he is pandering to his fans, trying to end the protests so he can get people to the games and make money, plus it plays well all-around. However, he at least sounds like a man that grasps the severity of the situation in America and knows he is fortunate to be who he is and where he is. Contrast this with the likes of Jeff Wilpon, James Dolan and non-team owning filth Donald Trump. That is enough for me to go the full Elaine Benes, if I get to see the O’s play in New York.

Tanner Glass
Tanner Glass

NY Rangers: I know Diff covered this brillantly yesterday but I want to share a couple of fun anecdotes regarding the game.One of my clients runs a pizza place. His son was running the shop on Thursday and had the game on.
1) Me: You got an ATM?
John: Nay! Ya gotta go next door.
I leave and come back
John: Yo! go back outside and comeback in 15
Me: Why?
John: They scored while you were gone.

2) TV commentator talks about Tanner Glass as Glass puts in a check and works to keep the puck in.
Me: Did I just see Tanner Glass being useful
John: Playoff hockey bro! Never know who can be useful!

The worst part of the night was watching the puck get sent in with 20 seconds left and thinking it should have be cleared hard up the boards but the Rangers didn’t. It was like they were playing for OT and they got burned.

Vikings Buccaneers FootballThe NFL Draft: As I was running around Thursday night, the draft was on the radio. It is amazing listening to these analysts talk about a guy’s explosiveness, ability to turn to open up his hips and footwork. They make every guy sound like a good pick, only its all a crap shoot and they barely get it right instead of wrong. What I can agree on is that this is a week draft class. That and the Tampa Bay Bucanners never learn as Jameis Winston is not a franchise QB and neither is Marcus Mariota. Let’s not forget the young Shane Ray, who pick this week of all weeks to get a pot charge. The charge dropped him places and cost him maybe 18 million.

One guy that is 1st round quality is Cheesy Bruin and he will be posting tomorrow.

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