Free Week #6 NFL Picks

Las Vegas, NV-It only took five weeks to achieve a plus mark on the NFL Picks segment here at MTM as only the Dallas Cowboys kept me from sweeping the board and settling for a 3-1 mark. For the year, I am still under water at 7-9 but the arrow is pointing up as I need to take better advantage of all the horrible teams in this league as a philosophical adjustment is properly made in regard to the Las Vegas point spread. Today’s wallet-fillers are…
images7385P96VUNDER This week’s ‘under’ play comes courtesy of the Lions and Bears, oh my. Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo as you’ll see more activity from these caged critters than what appears offensively on the gridiron. There is no greater underperforming bunch than the Detroit Lions. Period. I’m not sure who’s to blame for the 14 ppg the team is averaging but this is the reason for their 0-5 start and three out of five ‘unders’. The Bears, with all the injuries and player movement, have managed a 2-3 record with the same amount of ‘unders’ as the Lions. It makes a lot of sense to see DETROIT/Chicago UNDER (44) at Ford Field.

Lost to The Mean Machine
Lost to The Mean Machine

OVER I was two years old in 1969 when these two teams met in what was then called the AFL-NFL Championship game. The names of Grant and Stram have given way to Zimmer and Reid and Joe Kapp and Len Dawson to Bridgewater and Smith. John Facenda is dead and even he couldn’t make this regular season meeting of two storied franchises, interesting. The Vikes have been an ‘under’ in all four of their games while the Chiefs are way ‘over’ in four of five this year. No Jamaal Charles means more passing and more passing equal more points. A.P. all day with two long touchdown scampers means a high scoring affair. MINNESOTA/Kansas City OVER (43.5).
FAVORITE This is from the Doesn’t Make Sense Department…Team A is at home with a 2-3 record against a 4-0 Team B. While Team B has beaten the likes of Jacksonville, Houston, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay they are still undefeated and face an opponent whose schedule has been dressed with higher competition. The Seahawks are Team A and are giving seven to the Panthers. There’s no question that Seattle should be favored but just not by this much. Vegas wants you to take Carolina so I say back SEATTLE (-7) over Carolina.
images5XOBRQ4BUNDERDOG I’m not sure where this selection is born.  Am I intrigued and surprised with how entertaining the Cleveland Browns have been so far or how bored and unimpressed I am with the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning?  Hang ’em up, Dude!  Heaving ten yard passes aren’t what I want to watch.  Seeing the old man swallowed up by a pass rush is what I have an appetite for.  The Browns have been pesky so far and should be annoying enough to the Broncos today.  An outright win just might be on the menu at the Dawg Pound.  CLEVELAND (+4.5) over Denver

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