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David Blatt looking sharp
unless your twitter handle is my name
, unless your Twitter handle is my name.

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Well it was another crazy week for me: Doing well in getting over my ankle surgery and trying to pay attention to all this sports information that is coming at me from all angles.  That said, here’s a whirlwind review of all the news that has come to my attention this week. I want to recommend that everybody listen to the 1st MTM call-in session, it gave me some ideas.

Here’s the 2nd which just finished:

Interesting enough, I couldn’t get on the discussion. Apparently my twitter @Junoirblaber is banned because it has blab in it. They are using my name then banning me. You think anyone one is happy to have their last name butchered and hear blabbermouth jokes? My wife shed a tear when she came to the realization she would now be stuck with a consistently butchered name. But they replied with a sorry and embarrassed emoji so all good, right!?! Not in my world, not ever!!

NY Mets: Anyway, moving on to the Mets… I was praying that they pull the finger and pull the trigger and sign Yoenis Cespedes. Unfortunately for me, I think I used up my prayer voucher on this one so now I know the Knicks won’t be good again in my lifetime. That’s right folks, I woke this morning, Saturday and found out there was a deal. The contract, pending a physical, is for three years and $75 million, including $27.5 million in the first year, after which he can opt out. Not sure if he will do all three but at least one more season is good. The other part of this that I read was that The Mets, now have a glut of outfielders including Curtis Granderson, Michael Conforto, Alejandro De Aza and Juan Lagares also are signed for 2016. Lagares and De Aza are a platoon in centerfield and Grandy man will be right, so the only loser is Conforto, but he is only in his second year and what is wrong with having a little depth and power off the bench. It takes the best team to win it all not just the best line-up. The most astounding stat is that Cespedes’ addition raises the team’s payroll in 2016 to roughly $140 million, its highest level since Omar Minaya‘s days as general manager. That money is still nothing but for the Mets you have been eating hot sauce soup with old leather boot for meat for years, that’s big. They still have money to payoff after the Madoff debacle and the MLB but who cares, lets live in the now.

NY Rangers: They are struggling this regular season. It is ok, no need to worry. They will make the playoffs and from there then they will turn it on. We just need to make sure someone gives Rick Nash a calendar that says its December.

David Blatt looking sharp
David Blatt looking sharp

Cleveland Cavaliers: They lost to the Golden State Warriors by 40 or whatever. As a result they fired their coach David Blatt a few days later. I am not surprised because we all know Lebron James makes all the decisions for that team. From front office decisions to drawing up plays. Also the name David Blatt sounds like a nice upstanding financial broker then you look at him and he looks like a guy that has been selling life insurance door to door for 20 years. I also love how the GM gave him the “dreaded vote of confidence.” The guy had the nerve to go this is not a vote of confidence because David doesn’t need it, he is our head coach for now and the foreseeable future. Lols, I am sure Blatt will find work in the Russian NBA again, so no need to worry too much.

Benny Feilhaber; because I know most of you have no idea what he looks like.
Benny Feilhaber; because I know most of you have no idea what he looks like.

USA Soccer Drama: I know you boys hate soccer but there is drama and we all love drama. In the MLS voting for the league MVP the top American came in 3rd. He was then asked why after such a good season he was not invited to be part of the national team. The player was Benny Feilhaber and launched into a 10 minute tirade about the head coach Jurgen Klinsman, his selection policy and his treatment of favorites and blackballing other players. It sent shockwaves through the USA soccer community. Mainly because loads of fans agree with Feilhaber and hate Klinsman but average fans, World Cup only watchers and Eurosnobs, still think Klinsman is awesome. Klinsman replied that the player is bitter and never impressed. If there was a proper soccer media here, this would be all over the papers.

NFL: All I want is for the Patriots to lose. I don’t care about who wins the NFC.

That is it for now. Thanks for your time and come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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