RG3, NFL News, Cuban Baseball Embargo and Jurgen Klinsman

rg3 2EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Happy Holy Saturday! I am stuck in the slot between Good Friday and Easter Sunday and likely still nodding off at the wheel, driving forever to Buffalo as you read this. Easter Sunday dinner with the outlaws, er… in-laws… what could be better? Thankfully, most of today’s piece was in my head, so starting at midnight wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But enough about that… Today we look at RG3‘s signing, NFL News, the end of the Cuban player embargo and Jurgen Klinsman.

RG3: Another piece in the NFL mediocre QB carousel fell in place as Robert Griffin III signed with Cleveland. If you can forget that Cleveland is year 25 of a 3-year rebuilding plan (including their hiatus when the team left for Baltimore), this deal makes sense. Cleveland will likely still draft a QB but the options don’t seem really ready for prime-time from the start. So RG3 signs for 2 years, with the first year money heavy – if he bombs, he can be cut for year 2. If he doesn’t, he can be moved. Bobby Trois is in the saddle for a year while the next heir apparent is groomed. Everyone is happy. Well, maybe not Johnny Football.

Cuban Baseball EmbargoNFL News: One of the QBs that Cleveland is looking at is D1-AA QB Carson Wentz of North Dakota State. I had heard of the University of North Dakota – but that was for hockey… didn’t know there was a N Dakota State. Anyway, apparently the school decided to have a pro day to show of the QB and other players. Talk about maximizing what you have?! I doubt anyone on that squad is NFL potential but the coach gets to show of the gem, look good to the other players, and recruits hear of them. Plus, the coach can start working over NFL teams so he can find a way out. Brilliant move. This guy should run for President.

The other piece of  NFL news was word that way back in 2003, the NFL knew the seriousness of concussion issues and lied on medical reports. Years went by before a player was listed as having a concussion. If you are shocked by this, then you have been living in the wrong country or under a rock. The NFL is so greedy and unethical, they give oil companies the hebegeebees. This is par for the course and at some point all this greed will collapse in on itself.

obama cuba baseball
If you don’t know what the story is here, you need to get out more.

Cuban Baseball Embargo: Baseball is about to change forever. Cuban players will be available to all teams without the rigamarole of waiting ’til a guy arrives in Mexico on a punctured raft. Prepare to be disappointed. I say this because Cuban players, for the most part, have just been the dame that looks good from a far but is far from good. Not all of them, mind you, but considering they are isolated and only really face international competition at the Olympics and World Baseball Classics, they look good in spurts. They rarely face the top talent that they will in the majors. Yes, you may get an El Duque or Yaisel Puig but you could also be getting a Rey Ordonez – or worst yet-  a Cuban Kevin Maas. Buyer and fans beware.

Jurgen Klinsmann: Earlier this week, soccer legend Johan Cruyff died. The flying Dutchman was a rarity in sport. He was a great player that retired and became a great coach. From there he moved in administration and became a great Technical Director and President. Very few players in any sport have been able to do that. I bring up Cruyff because the Team USA coach is former German scoring legend Jurgen Klinsmann. He had a lot of people fooled that he was a great coach when he took Germany to the World Cup semi-finals in 2006. Since then, the world found out that his assistant handled tactics and that said assistant went on to win the 2014 World Cup with zee Germans. What’s more is that the players have said Klans man Klinsmann was just a cheerleader. This is important because soccer’s Phil Jackson conned the USA into a contract and an extension and has done zilch. Last night, for the first time in 30 years or so, the USA lost to Guatemala. What is German for fraud!?

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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