Deflate-gate Appeal, Trading Carmelo, King Henrik’s Net Flip and Lanesra

super-bowl-xlix-memes_30El BARIO, EL BRONX – While at Physical Therapy for my Achilles injury they keep the TV on and it runs “SportsCenter” seemingly on a loop. Suddenly I wasn’t “Junoir”-but rather Tom Brady, waiting to see my therapist. Giselle was in the waiting room outside. As I was channeling my inner “golden boy,”  some thoughts occurred to me.Deflate-gate Appeal: All those jerk Patriots fans celebrated last year when a judge’s decision led to the deflate-gate case case against Brady being dismissed. These fans thought that dismissing the case because of Roger Goodell‘s over-zealous actions meant that Tom Brady was innocent.  And out of the woods. He’s not either of these.On appeal of this ruling, three appeals court judges are asking lots of questions that are making the Patriots and Brady squirm like Carmelo Anthony with the game on the line. Why did the QB destroy his phone? Why did previous reports say he had knowledge of the situation? Brady and his lawyer are getting roughed up. Hopefully, Brady winds up with the suspension he deserved all along. And Goodell gets exposed for his “dirty” actions too. Carmelo: Thin-skinned Carmelo Anthony responded to a heckling fan by instructing him to see owner James Dolan about a refund. The nerve of that fan who expected effort and heart on the floor after shelling out hundreds of bucks to watch his heroes ball. A forced apology later, and the idea to trade Carmelo is gaining steam among NY Knick fans. To this I say…What took you guys so long? The whole MtM staff and I have been here waiting for you. Many of us believed the team should have never re-signed him to begin with. But James “Guitar douche” Dolan wouldn’t hear of it. Phil Jackson, the worst sports executive of all time bought into the Melo nonsense and proved to be nothing more than a $60M “yes man.”  The Knicks need to re-build around young guns Kristaps Porzingis and possible star in waiting Jerian Grant. Put everyone out of their misery and trade the guy. Now.                                                             kingKing Henrik’s Net Flip: Henrik Lundquist flipped his net the other night. This caused a delay of game penalty, the loss of his focus, and the King giving up 3 goals before having to be yanked. After being pummelled, Henrik needed a moment to gather himself. The ref denied him that and as a result, Lundquist flipped the net to stop the game. Some say he didn’t need to flip it and others say it is the ref’s job to help the goalie in these circumstances. The netminder can’t skate off the ice or play on one leg. I stand by “my King,”  The ref was derelict in his duty.Lanesra: This sounds like an odd name for a girl, right?  Well, some guy in Australia convinced his wife to give their daughter that name. When the girl was two years old he finally admitted to his wife from where the name came. It was the name of the Dad’s (and Diff’s) soccer club, Arsenal, spelled backwards. Considering how much the team chokes under pressure, I hope the girl isn’t as weak willed. I proposed Detinu or Detinunam as possible baby Blaber names to my wife. I am a ManUnited fan but she didn’t go for it. I will wait and see if maybe Stem works.lanesraCome back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin

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