Fight Room Forum: Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – I will create an article out of nothing. Ask me how? Because I have to. Short Matt is a great guy.  Ask me how I know? Because he coached me in Baseball. Thats right LOL, that guy made me run sprints for cursing LOL. I love him and he lets make fun of him. By the way please watch Ruby Matchup (I Spelled it Wrong On Purpose). Yea! He pretty much gives and gives, Happy Anniversary!

In other news, please buy that fight tonight.  you won’t regret it and I’ll tell you why.

Canelo Alavrez – Mexican. I could stop there if i wanted to. I won’t because he is so much more. An excellent counter punch. Power Puncher! A guy who will wear you down but also beat the shit out of you! Yea, he is that good. Story goes that he was taught as a kid to box. F-that, I’m good, I don’t want to see that at all and I know how to fight (Harlem).  I would call him an up-and-comer but he has been in the game for years. Moved up in weight and takes all comers. He was built to box and hasn’t disappointed unless you talk Mayweather but thats another story.

Gennady Golokin – Superior fighter.  Knockout power. The guy you wanna watch! He feels slighted. One of the best in the game. He is looking to make history. He wanted to fight the best and the best said no. I don’t blame him for being mad. Now is his time!! Thank Me Later!

My Prediction… Triple G. Just Bet On Football. Cheesy Got You!

Where is “You Suck“, I need him back in my life. Also, feel free to comment below and please follow us on Twitter @BuddyDiaz19, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook pages, Meet The Matts & Buddy Diaz.

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