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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS  – Because the Rugbywrapup.com show is taking off, the calls for pinch hitting is getting later and later. However, I am still able to answer the call, but as a result there is far less time for the fluff. The usual formula is a Song of the Week before we get to the Sports Stuff  then the sports. The sports covered today is Return of Quebec City, Kaepernick Protest and Lewd Sports Fans.

Song of the Week:  I know, I didn’t do keep up the same video that I posted last time. I told you guys, I am a fan of British hardcore hip hop called grime. As such, I am also a Stormzy fan,  and love his album Gang Signs and Prayer, I recommend Blinded By Your Grace, Pt. 1 and 2. Last time, I gave you part one. Here is part two. Enjoy the track.`

Why People Protest: Although I find this debate on the NFL protest nothing but a misdirection from a struggling administration, I do want to say this as someone who has spent time as a social activist.

You protest to bring awareness to an issue that you and your group hold dear. A protest to be effective must move from people’s periphery into the front of their minds. So you must interrupt traffic or a sporting event. You will piss people off by making them late for work or something of that nature, but the goal is to get just enough people to be curious about you protest and join it or at least pester their local politicians to help with your cause.

That is why people protest, whether you are Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis or Colin Kaepernick. Whether you view one as a troublemaker or hero depends on your bias.

Lias Anderson
Lias “Lawry’s” Anderson

NY Rangers Roster Moves: The New York Rangers seventh overall pick of the 2017 Draft, Lias Andersson, has been loaned to Frolunda of the SHL. Also leaving the Rangers training camp roster are Neal PionkCristoval NievesVinni Lettieri and Ryan Graves. Matt Puempel will be placed on waivers at noon and Bobby Farnham has been released from his PTO.

It was Andersson who was selected No. seventh overall, 14 picks ahead of Filip Chytil, but it is Chytil who will break camp with the Rangers. I now call Lias, Lawrys cause he needs more seasoning. Meanwhile Prince Filip has come from a guy expected to make up numbers and then go on loan has taken his opportunity and has grabbed it with both hands and has it saying uncle. He has gone from strength to strength and looks like he will start the season leading the second line, while Anderson hopes to improve with work in Sweden.

NBA Eastern Conference: The NBA’s Western Conference with the addition of the OKC super team, now that they have Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, is insane. There’s the Warriors, Spurs, Houston and now OKC. Those are just the super teams not the run of the mill good teams like the LA Clippers and Dallas. In the east you have Cleveland and then maybe Boston, but after that it is a bunch of garbage. The west is now what the east was in the 80s. Don’t be surprised if the Knicks make the playoffs because the conference will be that bad.

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