Angry Ward Wednesday: Giants, Steelers-Bengals Violence & Gambling

BRONX, NY – I’m not sure where to start this week. So, let’s just dive right in.

The Giants Have Turned into the MetsIf you’re a fan of the New York Football Giants, you can’t be happy about the direction your team has taken. Out of nowhere they have turned into the New York Mets. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look:
1. Crippled by injuries? Check.
2. Turned their back on their franchise player? Check.
3. Fired their coach after making him fly to California? Check.
4. Hopelessly adrift? Check.
5. Loyal but frustrated fan-base? Check.

Don’t worry though, this will work itself out. How much time ya got?

Steelers and Bengals Play RollerballThe Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals tried to kill each other Monday night, and I’m okay with that. I’ve haven’t cared about the Bengals since the awesome James Brooks was running and catching the ball for them. And I’ve never liked the Steelers. You guys want to send each other to concussion protocol hell? Have at it. I’m not gonna lose a wink of sleep over it.

Oh Canada! I haven’t been following hockey all that closely, or at all, but it’s great to see the Winnipeg Jets atop the standings sporting one of the best records in the league. Now, if we can just get rid of Arizona and bring the Nordiques back to Quebec.

Designated Fat Guy

Bronx Cheer. Sometimes the Yankees make Marge Schott look progressive.

Another Word About the GiantsAs lost a season as this is for the New York Giants, it is my great hope that they somehow pull themselves together enough to try and cripple the Cowboys’ playoff hopes this coming Sunday. If the way the whole Manning mess was handled somehow sparks the fans to rally behind Eli and get the defense excited enough to try and tackle the crap out of Dak Prescott and Co. and pull off an upset, then maybe it will have been worth it. Same goes for when they play the Eagles at home in a couple of weeks. Finish with a little pride, will ya?

Sports GamblingFinally, I’d like to touch briefly on the Supreme Court hearing arguments on whether to allow legal sports gambling in states other than Nevada. First of all, how has this taken so long? We are still so hopelessly slow on the uptake on so many things in this country. Even useless piece of whale blubber Chris Christie and emotionless space alien and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver are proponents of sports betting. And why not? Every day I witness people forking over hundreds of dollars trying to win unwinnable lotteries and daily number draws. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to bet on games? At least there they have a fighting chance. Hopefully a ruling comes down soon. Let’s make this happen already.

That’s it for this week. You can bet your bottom dollar that Buddy Diaz will be back tomorrow telling you why he’s OK with the Yankees manager hire or why the Eagles losing only their second game has got him a little nervous. He may even have something to say about the Knicks or global warming. Who knows? Come on back and find out.


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