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FREE_NFL Picks, Cheesy_Bruin, Santa Cash, Meet_The_Matts, Derek_Jeter, Giancarlo_Stanton

MARLBORO, NY – Sometimes it’s not that you lose but how you lose. Last week for instance I had the Over 40.5 in the Indianapolis/Jacksonville game and lost by half a point. The lesson here is twofold: 1) That’s why they call it gambling 2) It pays to shop around for the most favorable odds you can find. I have cooled down (3-5 last two weeks) after a torrid eight week stretch but  looking to get hot again in time to line your pockets with much needed holiday cash.

FREE_NFL Picks, Cheesy_Bruin, Santa Cash, Meet_The_Matts, Derek_Jeter, Giancarlo_Stanton
Stanton is in that bag.

FAVORITE: Speaking of favorites, there’s now an overwhelming favorite to represent the American League in the World Series next fall and it’s the New York Yankees. New Florida Marlins’ executive and a name synonymous with Bronx Bomber championships, Derek Jeter, allowed for the Evil Empire’s fleecing of Giancarlo Stanton. An early Christmas present was laid under the tree by El Capitan and smells of collusion. It is okay once again to hate the Yankees with all your might. The Pick? Tennessee -3 over ARIZONA.

UNDERDOG: In what was a tumultuous start to the week for the New York Giants in which saw the canning of head coach Ben McAdon’t and GM Gerry Reese, turned positive with the reinstatement of Eli Manning at quarterback. They’re home underdogs to the Dallas Cowboys today but I’m not touching Big Blue until I see a collective team effort. The Pick? Oakland +4 over KANSAS CITY.

FREE_NFL Picks, Cheesy_Bruin, Santa Cash, Meet_The_Matts, Derek_Jeter, Giancarlo_Stanton, NFL CheerleadersOVER: Another despicable bunch, the New England Patriots, sleepwalked to a 23-3 win in Buffalo last week in which saw Tom Brady throwing a hissy fit on the sidelines directed at Offensive Coordinator Josh Daniels. The Pittsburgh Steelers are on deck for the Pats and they’ll be sending a message by putting up a fifty spot on the board today against an overmatched Miami Dolphins team for all to see on Monday Night Football. The Pick? New England/MIAMI OVER 47.5

UNDER: If there’s one category where I’ve shined to date it’s the UNDER selections. I can smell a piece of crap game from a mile away. It’s a gift. The Giants haven’t scored thirty points in two years and the Cowboys, until last week, were having offensive troubles of their own. Giants interim coach, Steve Spagnuolo, is a defensive guy so the effort should be there on that side of the ball while the Cowboys get back their best defensive player in LB Sean Lee. The Pick? Dallas/NEW YORK GIANTS UNDER 41.5.

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