Words Schnatter! Kaepernick Cooks Papa Johns, Peyton, JJ Watt and Jerry Jones.

Words Schnatter! Kaepernick Cooks Papa John, Peyton and Jerry Jones. Mets Go Dumpster Diving
Words Schnatter! Kaepernick Cooks Papa John, Peyton and Jerry Jones. Mets Go Dumpster Diving
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LOUISVILLE, KY – Bad pizza enthusiasts, Jerry Jones, Peyton Manning and J.J. Watt are flying their sh!tty pizza boxes at half-mast, as Papa John Schnatter is stepping down as CEO from the Arby’s of PiesPapa John’s.

It seems bad acting in cheesy commercials with The Fun Manning for an Emperor’s New Clothes version of a seemingly difficult-to-flock-up dish, and a ton of dough don’t give you immunity from saying anything that can be construed as antiColin Kaepernick. Nor is having a NFL owner engage in a douche-chill inducing music video touting your pizza blasphemy.

If your retinas are still intact after that, here’s what actually went down.

Papa John on a Conference Call:

“The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction. NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s shareholders. Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership… This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago. Like many sponsors, we’re in touch with the NFL. Once the issue is resolved, we’re optimistic the NFL’s best years are ahead.”

Gettin jiggy wit it Jerry Jones’ quotes:

The main thing I want to do is make it real clear. There is no room here. If it comes between looking non-supportive of our players and of each other or creating the impression that you’re disrespecting the flag, we will be non-supportive of each other. We will not disrespect the flag. If there is anything disrespecting the flag, then we will not play. Period. We’re going to respect the flag and I’m going to create the perception of it.

That was after a Cowgirls Cowboys game in October. He then went on The Fan in Dallas, lauding Schnatter as  “one of the great Americans.”

His best blurt, however, may have been his lumping Papa Schnats in the lofty circles of E.F. Hutton with this:

When he speaks, I listen.”


Did we mention that Jones owns about 100 Papa John’s franchises? How about that Papa John said this stuff as his company’s stock plummeted and Dominoes’ – another assault on pizza’s legacy –  rose?

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