Sports Rain Man Rants: World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Reyes

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – If Angry Ward thinks writing at 11 pm is, late try 1 am on Saturday.  I had a busy week and won’t bore you with the details, but I am studying for the realtor’s exam, and the online classes/tests take forever. Actually I did just get into it, so that makes me a liar. Anyway, today will feature the Song of the Week,  followed by: World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Reyes.

Song of the Week: I was going through all kind of music this week and re-discovered Stormzy.  He has a lot of tracks, I like but I played one song heavily. So this week’s Song of the Week is Dreamers Disease by Stormzy. It is nice uplifting track and I love the line “My dreams are what keeps me alive.” Same goes for Short Matt.

World Cup: Even if you don’t like soccer, the irony of it being played in Russia without the USA can’t be missed. There are only 4 games of the 62 played so far and they have been ok except for today’s Iberian Derby between Spain and Portugal which was an instant classic. With the Mets going down the hole the Yankees looking like they bought another title, this will be the best and most entertaining use of your summer TV watching. With no USA, Scotland, Holland or Ghana, all the teams I could root for based on DNA, I am rooting for Portugal, all the Sub-Saharan African Countries, Iran and England. Hopefully one of them win it.

Cristiano Ronaldo: If you like LeBron, then you have to love CR7.  Fun fact: he has a much longer name but for flair he dropped his dad and mom’s surnames and just went with his first and middle names on the public stage. His dad named him Ronaldo after Ronald Regan, as his dad loved Regan’s movies. Side Note: CR7 just paid like 22 million in Spanish tax court over some minor discrepancy. Anyway, he came of age with my team, Manchester United, then was sold to the richest club in the world, Real Madrid of Spain. He is not suffering on the club level but on the international stage, he has no help. He carried Portugal to a European Championship 2 years ago and he is trying to do it again in the World Cup. I watched Friday’s game against Spain end in a 3-3 draw. CR7 scored, Spain tied, CR7 scored again, Spain tied and then took the lead. So with his team down a goal against arguably the best team in the world, what does he do? He draws a foul in extra time then nails the free kick to give his team the draw. This LeBron level stuff he is doing out there. Greatest of this generation, so just sit back and watch.

Jose Reyes: Looks like the end is near for Jose. The Mets have made him a back-up option and he is dying for more time but that is not what Manager Mickey Callaway sees. With Wilmer Flores set to return, there won’t be enough room for so many infield bodies, so expect Reyes to be moved for a single A prospect of 10th-20th round draft pick.

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