Big Ben Tuesday: Yanks, Sox Jostle for a Starter, Warriors add another Stud, Lebron Takes a Gamble

Domb is no match for the Cash

Stamford, CT: Hey y’all. Happy Fourth. Since I’m tired of writing about the New York Yankees and there’s nothing fighting to get out of my head, I’m gonna let it flow.

Aroldis Chapman was repeatedly hitting 104 in a dominant inning last night in the Bronx. The big man likes the heat. Said Michael Kay, “as a layman, you just don’t have any idea how hard it is to square that up.” Deep thoughts Mike. I think I have some idea. It’s very hard.

I don’t blame John Tavares for leaving Strong Island, but he probably shouldn’t have said he wants to be an Islander for life. They could have traded him for some prospects, now he’s gone for nothing. Douche move bro. He should have said “I want to be an Islander for life. You know, unless something better comes along.”

It might take a lot to get this guy

I commend Lebron for seemingly weighing non-basketball factors heavily in this decision. That said, I don’t know. I think they’re maybe a 6 seed at best and probably won’t get out of the first round. Maybe he’s thinking his bannermen will follow now that The King has planted his flag. This feels like a bad call, but Lebron’s legend will only grow if he can drag this pack of brats on a playoff run.

Congrats Warriors, 2018-19 champions! The Warriors added DeMarcus Cousins to the party, in case anyone had any doubt. If he can get healthy, man oh man, this team might win 75 games. This guy is dynamic center who is going to love running with this pack. If all goes well, he’ll grab a ring and then strike it big in free agency.

Lebron going to the Rockets was the only thing that could have made next season interesting. The Rockets look to be losing some key role players and didn’t have much depth anyway, as featured in Mike D’Antoni’s 7 man rotation in Games 6 and 7 against the Warriors, so they might take a step back.

Domb is no match for the Cash

With so many bottom feeders in baseball, you’d think it’d be a buyers’ market. But the list of available starters everyone isn’t exactly overflowing with big names. I still think the Yanks and Mets are perfectly aligned for a blockbuster, but more realistically, J.A. Happ is about the best guy out there and the B.J.’s are surely looking to back up the bus.

With the Yankees and Red Sox both in need of some face cards to back up their aces, the Jays are in position to hold out for something shiny. The Yanks have more to offer, but Cashman holds onto his prospects like my Nana holds on to her last cigarette. Cashman and Dave Dombrowski are ready to locks horns and we’ll see who flinches first.

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