Jets QB situation, Browns QBs, NFL Player Protest, Baseball Progeny

Rain Man Rants: LeSean McCoy, Lakers, Lebron and World Cup WondersEL BARRIO, EL FALLS – It is super late and I had an idea to write a piece but got caught up with house chores like mowing the lawn and taking the kid to the park and the dog for a walk.   Anyway, as much I didn’t want to talk about the NFL, there is nothing left to really talk about.  So here is the topic list for today: Jets QB situation, Browns QBs, Player Protest, Baseball Progeny.

Darnold, Bridgewater, McCown

Jets QB situation: So I am not gonna get so excited about the Jets winning a pre-season game and think it means they will have a great season. What I will admit impress me was the play of Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold. Both threw for touchdowns and looked very comfortable and each threw for a TD. The third QB and likely started Josh McCown didn’t play because the Jets already know what he brings to the table. In evaluating the other two, Bridgewater was the most impressive. Bridgewater had lost two years of his career to a gruesome knee injury. However, Friday night he looked sharp, mobile in the pocket and able to take a hit. After Bridgewater was taken out, on came the future of the franchise, Darnold. Darnold moved in the pocket found open receivers and didn’t look like he was fazed by the situation at all. Going forward for the Jets, it seems that Bridgewater is looking good enough to become trade bait because if Darnold continues to look this comfortable, it will me that the Jets won’t need all three and Bridgewater will be shipped off as a great piece of business.

Browns QBs: Don’t look now but judging from Thursday’s pre-season opener, the Browns may have finally found themselves a QB. And the crazy part is they may have found not just one but two. Veteran QB Tyrod Taylor seems to be without a doubt their first choice QB. He produced the kind of performance to show he could steady the ship and get the team at least 5 wins, but as this is the Browns so just getting one will be a big deal. The other impressive thing was that first overall pick, Baker Mayfield, looked like he belonged. He didn’t look out of place or nervous. Mayfield made some big throws and threw for a TD. If the football gods finally shine on Cleveland and give them a QB for the first time since Bernie Kosar, they may actually make the playoffs in two to three years.

NFL Player Protest: In the first weekend, it seems that NFL players are continuing with their protest of the national anthem on behalf of civil justice reform. The players used the stay in the locker room option, some kneeld, others held a fist in the air. What was clear is they were not deterred by the bullying attempts of the President or by the cowardly acquiescence of the owners. This whole situation comes back the NFL owners being afraid of the twitter-in-chief who is a bully. So like a bully President 45 demand something about the kneeling and the league caved and used the stay in the locker room option, but surprise, surprise, he is back at it attacking the NFL. He knows the vanity of NFL owners and he is a bully to he will find something to complain about. So this debate continues and I am glad to see the resolve of the in players, someone has to stand up to the bully.

Baseball Progeny: I saw an ad today to go and watch the Buffalo Bisons play as they have one of the best prospects in Baseball in Vlad Guerrero Jr. I said to myself, am I that old? I have gone from not only see Vlad Guerrero play with the Montreal Expos but now I am gonna watch his son become a major leaguer. I then thought about what other Father and Son combos, I had seen. I remember Mookie and Preston Wilson, Delino Deshields Sr. and Jr., Gary and Justus Sheffield too. Well I haven’t seen Justus be a pro yet but its coming. Time is just passing me by but such is life, right?

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