Urban Meyer Has Some Twisted Fans

SPANISH HARLEM – The other day I read about Ohio State Buckeye fans protesting the suspension of their head football coach, Urban Meyer. Let me just say this… some people just have no clue! Many fans at the protest held signs blaming ESPN and calling this issue “Fake News“. So let me get this right… the best way to protest an issue is to use the same sad words that the President calls the media when they don’t agree with him.

Zach Smith was an assistant coach under Urban Meyer, who is accused of beating his wife and came to light sometime in 2015. There are pictures of bruises to his wife, Courtney Smith, who finally had the courage to speak out about the domestic abuse she has had to deal with. When asked about this, Meyer stated to the press that he had no knowledge of the incident and basically tried to brush it under the rug. Only when proof of text messages and pictures to Meyers wife, including conversations had about the abuse, did Meyer come out and admit that he LIED to the press.

The worst thing about this whole story is that Urban Meyer continued to employ this jerk after knowing about the allegations. Zach Smith was kept on the staff and allowed to nurture the minds of young adults, mentor them and show these kids the right way. Can you really trust someone to teach kids when they themselves don’t know the right way? Yet here we are two years later learning that a man that beat his wife, still had a job without any repercussions. Only recently was he fired when the news came to out and Courtney Smith is being criticized unfairly by some fans that hope Meyer doesn’t get fired.

Are sports fans this dislusional? I understand that fans want to see their teams win but at what cost? ESPN has caught some flack from these same fans because someone (Brett McMurphy) who used to be employed by them, broke the news on his facebook page. While there might be some people that believe the whole truth is not being told by Courtney Smith, there is no denying that Zach Smith abused his wife and there should be no excuses for that. A man can not and should not lay hands on another women, no matter the situation. There is no justifying his actions and should of been fired years ago but here we are in 2018, debating whether Urban Meyer did the right thing. Let me tell you a secret… Meyer did the opposite of what was right.

Whoever these fans are that protested should know better than to fight against this. It is not ok to hit someone, it is not ok to still be employed after it came to light. This not “Fake News”, this is real life and in real life you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Urban Meyer should be fired from his job immediately, and in not doing so, you condone his actions. If and when Ohio State decides Meyer’s fate, it should come down to what’s right and wrong, not how many games he won.

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