NY Jets Season, Rookie QBs And Kaepernick vs NFL Back-ups

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Rain Man Rants: LeSean McCoy, Lakers, Lebron and World Cup WondersEL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I had to take the ball from Ward’s hand today as MtM staff’s very on CC Sabathia was ready to hit the mound again. I had to remind him, I was up, I only took last week off due a mix-up in communication. It is not easy to follow-up a beautiful heartfelt article like Short Matt wrote about his Ma’ yesterday. However, I will try as I do my usual Saturday thing. Though I haven’t watched a full football game yet, I am a Jets fan so I have some thoughts on their record and the NFL in general. It is all over the place but try and follow Today’s piece will cover: NY Jets Season, Rookie QBs And Kaepernick vs NFL Back-ups.

NY Jets Season: They are not quite jokes yet but they are now the answer to a trivia question. Which team was the first team to lose to the Cleveland Brown for the first team in 2.25 seasons, answer is the New York Jets. The Jets could be 3-0 to start the season but they decided to trade away Teddy Bridgewater and bench Josh McCown to start the rookie Sam Darnold. Darnold had a great first game against Detroit but since has come crashing back to earth. He now has 5 INTs in 3 games. Darnold hasn’t looked like a bust, I mean it has been 3 games. He has looked competent but like mostly like a rookie and it makes yo wonder what was the rush. The urgency to start this kid never existed to me but then I am not an NFL executive so maybe I have more sense but not enough contacts.

The last rookie QB to achieve something.

Rookie QBs: Maybe it is my rugby background but I have long been against the idea that just cause you draft a rookie QB, you start him right away. Unlike the other 4 (I am including Soccer with the other 3) there is no minor league set-up in football. There is no in-between step and essentially you have college and then pro. You either make it or are not ready so you get cut or bounce around the league until you make it or get cut permanently. Because of this I have to believe that it is best to wait a year with a rookie. Unless you had a horrible season and are in full rebuilding phase with rookies all over the filed on offense or defense starting the rookie doesn’t make sense. You have veterans that want to play to win to. If you look at some of the better QBs to come out over the last few seasons they have done some waiting. Pat Mahomes sat the majority of last season for the Chiefs so to did Aaron Rogers, who sat for a couple of seasons. I mean it just makes sense also whenyou realize the only rookie to go far in their first season was Tom Brady followed by Dan Marino (AFC East Jets Rivals, for some reason). As a Jets fan, the fact that they knocked out Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield came on and played well gave me flashbacks of how Drew Bledsoe was knocked out by the Jets only for Brady to start. However, I don’t think Mayfield is another Brady and he just got beginners luck like Darnold in his first game, except coming off the bench is easier as the defense had done little planning for you. Let’s see how it goes next week for Mayfield.

Alex Smith (seen here from his KC Indian slurs days before landing with the Washington Indian slurs.

Kaepernick vs NFL Back-ups: Angry Ward earlier this week, pointed out how just watching Nathan Peterman play means, Colin Kaepernick‘s lawyer can just show footage of Peterman being in the NFL with Kaep not having a contract as proof of his blackballing. Look at this list of starters and tell me Kaep is not better than Alex Smith. I mean Kaep beat him out for the starting job in San Fran, then you have Mitch Trubisky who is not that good leading the Bears or Blake Bortles with Jacksonville. After that you come across Blaine Gabbert starting for Tennessee and realize Marcus Mariotta is Tennesse’s number one so Gabbert is the back-up. If Gabbert is the back-up, then Kaepnernick is good enough to be the back-up on almost any team in the league. And what makes it worse is that the league is so physical in this day and age that you need two QBs to get through the seasons because your back-up is usually gonna play 1-4 games a season for you. Those games could mean all the difference when it comes to playoffs. And still Kaep is not good enough. This is a damn lie.

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