Ebs’ Hot Takes: Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Buffalo Bills, MLB Wild Card, Fantasy Football

FROM THE PRESS BOX – It’s been a while since ya’ll have heard from me.

So I figured the best way to jump back into things is with a fresh set of hawt taeks about some of the classics. Tiger Woods, LeBron James, the Buffalo Bills and much more.

No need to go any further, right?

Here’s a brand new set of Ebs’ Hot Takes.


Tigers is back. I told you. OK. I know I’m a couple of weeks late on this, but, remember when everyone doubted me after I suggested Tiger Woods was back after a strong showing at the British Open?

Well, after winning the Tour Championship two and a half weeks ago, Woods is officially back. And that’s great for golf.

I understand that Woods’ play at the Ryder Cup was less than ideal. But here’s the thing about the Ryder Cup, and I want to build off of an idea the famed Twitter account Tiger Tracker posed during the tournament: What if these young guns playing with Tiger, who likely idolized him groaning up, can’t handle playing with him and still feel the need to out-duel him even though they’re still on the same team.

It’s an interesting idea, right? And it makes a lot of sense.

I’m also not taking too much into Tiger’s performance anyway. It’s his last event of the season and even Tiger admitted it: He was gassed.

So with that being said, I’m calling my shot. Tiger will win a major next year.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will finish as a top four team in the Western Conference. I know, LeBron James taking the Los Angeles Lakers to the Western Conference Semifinals isn’t that hot of a take.

But when you look at the Western Conference, if you had to rank the top teams right now, it’d probably go with the Golden State Warriors, Houston Texans, Oklahoma City Thunder, the Lakers and Utah Jazz with the San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans and Portland Trail Blazers right behind them.

I understand that James is playing with a ton of youth and some outcasts, but it’s still LeBron. Look at the teams he’s taken to the NBA Finals in the past.

Asking him to take the Lakers to the semifinals isn’t that big of task to be honest.

The Buffalo Bills are pulling off the upset Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. If you listen to the members of the Buffalo Bills offense this week, you’ll hear a theme. They’re pissed off.

The Buffalo defense is going to keep this team in games this season. It’s all depends on whether or not the offense can put anything together at all.

Look for LeSean McCoy to finally get involved this week. The Bills were 7-0 last season when McCoy got at least 21 touches. This needs to be a theme if the Bills want to win this season.

They’ll try to get him there Sunday. And the Titans aren’t otherworldly despite their wins against the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Not to mention, this game is at home for the Bills.

The wild card format is perfect as is. New York Yankees outfielder Andrew McCutchen isn’t a fan of these wild card games.

“When do we ever play one game during the season?” McCutchen told Newsday. “I don’t know. It’s just kind of tough to know you’re having one game to decide who goes home.”

I get it. He’s had to play in three of these things when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

However, look at Tuesday’s NL wild card game. That’s exactly what baseball wants. A do or die game that’s exciting and memorable.

Sorry for the pun, but it was a home run.

Tuesday is the exact reason why you want to win your division. And I get the Yankees gripe because they had 100 wins this year, but, hey, win eight or nine more and you’re sitting out Wednesday while the Boston Red Sox are forced into this spot.

Nyheim Hines and Aaron Jones are must-adds in fantasy football. You know me, I’m huge into fantasy football.

And if you’re me and drafted Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, LeSean McCoy or any of the other ineffective running backs this season, there are a couple of options to help fill some holes: Nyheim Hines and Aaron Jones.

Hines might be out there in free agency still, however, you’ll probably have to trade for Jones.

The Indianapolis Colts are likely going to continue to have to play from behind, which means they’ll throw the ball a lot. That’s where Hines steps in. He’s a borderline flex play at this point.

Jones is clearly the best running back in Green Bay and in a matchup against the Detroit Lions, he could finally go off. Make the trade for Jones now.

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