Mets At Trade Deadline, NBA Finals, NHL Finals

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy  Saturday everyone. I want to say to my fellow MTM writer, The Dude aka Replacement Matt, we won’t be fighting. Short Matt seems to think this is Junior HS and he can go “oooh you gonna take that?” And we will be fighting. I got no beef with you brother. Speaking of fights (that is called a segue, kids), today will be about the Mets fighting for a playoff spot, the NBA Finals and the NHL finals. The topics are: Mets At Trade Deadline, NBA Finals, NHL Finals

Fred and Jeff Wilpon

Mets at Trade Deadline: I say an alert about a Mets article this week saying if things don’t change soon for the Mets, they should be sellers at the Baseball trading deadline. That is the dumbest thing I have heard. The Mets are 28-29, only 5 games out of first and 2 out of Wild Card. Finishing .500 would be progress and they can still get hot at someone as the NL East is incredibly average this season, not the mention, the whole division. Plus this allows guys to build unity and chemistry for a better run in the next few years. Unless a deal too good to refuse is offered, just stand fast. No need to make a deal for the sake of making a deal. The Mets do need some depth in the infield but your not gonna get it by being sellers so just stay calm and stand fast.

The NBA Finals: First, Why are there 2 days between Game 1 and Game 2? I mean it was every other day for the first two games then 2 days between 2 and 3 then if need be 5 and 6.  This will not be an easy series for the Warriors to win. The Factors have won on a Formula of Kawhi Leonard plus one. Just have someone step-up and they are tough to beat, just ask the Bucks. The Warriors are shockingly struggling without Kevin Durant but there is no way, unless we get a NBA league office intervention similar to when LeBron beat the Warriors. However it looks like it will go 6.

The NHL Playoffs: If there is a God, then Boston will not win Lord Stanleyre cup. I love Cheesie but we can not keep letting the dark side keep winning. The Blues evening up the series means we still have a chance for a new team name cut into the trophy let’s hope for the best for everyone except Chessie.

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